5 Finger Position

pre-grade 1 - grade 5     

compiled by Florence Creighton

PIECES IN 5 FINGER POSITION (for the not so agile)

Pre Grade 1
Sad Story - Fanny Waterman
Swans and Ducks - Fanny Waterman
On the Lake - Scenes at the Farm
The Lost Lamb - Scenes at the Farm
In the Quiet Wood - Scenes at the Farm
Mist - Noona (The Performer)
Wise Old Owl - Noona (The Performer)
Almost any piece in John Thompson's 'First Grade Book'

Grade 1
Little Sonata - Wilton (Classics to Moderns Book 1)
Les Cloches - S. Ple
The Music Box - Berens (100 Best Classics)
Minuet - Hook (Keyboard Anthology Bk 1, Series 3)
Tramp's song - Bartok