Canadian Pieces

compiled by Douglas Finch

Douglas Finch's programme of Canadian pieces aroused much interest at the 1997 Conference.
Approximate grade equivalence and timing for the longer pieces are shown.

From 'Marching Mice' (pre-grade 1) - Linda Niamath
It's my Birthday (Frederick Harris)
On the Trampoline
Picnic Time
Marching Mice

From 'A  Zoo for You'  (grade 1) - Linda Niamath
Tiger (Frederick Harris)

From 'Just a Second' (grade 2) - Lorna Paterson
Rush Hour (Frederick Harris)
Northern Lights

From 'Winnie the Pooh Suite' (grade 2) - Holly Harris
Eeyore Eats Ice Cream / - 'Music from the Heartland' Level I -
Pooh Wonders Why (Manitoba Composers Association)
From 'I'm not Scared' (grade 3) - Nancy Telfer
The Shadow (Frederick Harris)
'Vibes' (grade 4) - Linda Schwartz
('Music from the Heartland' Level III)

'Cancan' (grade 4-5) - Douglas Finch
'Celebration Series Vol. 6
Royal Conservatory - Frederick Harris

'Playing with Time' (grade 7) - Michael Matthews
('Music from the Heartland' Level III)

From '14 Alphabet Pieces' - S.C.Eckhardt-Gramatté
'P': Poissarde (grade 7) - 'From my Childhood' Vol. I - Waterloo
'Y': Etude (grade 8)

Opera Transcriptions (grade 7-8) - Rodney Sharman
'Les Pêcheurs de Perles' (2 mins) (Canadian Music Centre, 1995)
'Bagatelle' (grade 8) - Michael Matthews, 1997
'The Enchanted Mesa' (grade 8) - Douglas Finch, 1990) (Canadian Music Centre,3 mins)

From 'Star Light
Star Bright' (grade 8) - Alexina Louie
Shooting Stars - Frederick Harris
'I leap through the sky with stars with stars', 1991) (grade 8) - Alexina Louie

'Requiem Piece' 1972 (grade 8) - Jean Coulthard (Canadian Music Centre, 8mins)
'Tango' (grade 8) - Douglas Finch (3 mins)

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