Composition and Improvisation

Saturday, October 15, 2022 - 14:00 to 18:00
Summary Description

Composition and Improvisation

Led by Suzanne Munro

Saturday, 15th October 2022:  2.00 – 6.00 pm

Twyford School Music Department, Winchester, SN21 1NW.

Students of any age or level and their teachers are welcome

This workshop will be very much “hands on” and will aim to achieve some or all of the following depending on the needs and wishes of those taking part:

  • Confidence and ideas with improvisation and incorporating it into your teaching.
  • Motivation with the development of compositions which have “got stuck”.
  • The opportunity to improvise as a performance and/or to perform a composition.

Things to bring to the workshop could include:

  • An open mind and willingness to have a go.
  • A photograph of your favourite picture.
  • Something that could stimulate an idea – e.g. leaves, flowers, pebbles.
  • A composition, either finished or unfinished; written down or in your head.   Suzanne will be happy to look at any scores and/or recordings sent to her in advance of the session if wanted.

Ideas on how the afternoon can be used by those attending.    This applies to teachers, students or family members observing.

  • Suzanne will start with a general time for everyone with some ideas to get you going.
  • You could come armed with a composition already begun and show it to Suzanne for her encouragement and suggestions.
  • You could go away into a practice room and work on ideas gleaned from Suzanne’s initial presentation, returning to her if you get stuck.
  • You could observe others working with Suzanne, feeling free to go into a practice room to try out anything learnt from that and continue later at home.
  • The time at the end of the afternoon will be for optional performance of compositions or improvisations, finished or in progress.   These do not have to be work done that same afternoon.

The spaces of the Music Department of Twyford School will allow people to work individually with Suzanne or to observe these sessions in a large teaching room with a good  piano.   There will be a break in the middle for light refreshments and at the end everyone will come together to share either their achievements of the session, which can be finished compositions, work in progress or ideas for improvisation with which they now feel more confident.   Please note Suzanne’s request that everyone in the main teaching room should wear a mask, whether working with her or observing.