Configuring Your Member Profiles

Instructions for creating a Member Home Page and other Member Profiles on the EPTA website

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1.    Logon

The new EPTA website can be found at:

Logon with your username and password.The usernames you used on the old EPTA website will still be OK, but you need to refresh your password, as the old EPTA ones are not secure enough for this day and age. To request a new password goto, fill in your username and an email with a link to reset your password will be sent to your email address

2.    Personal profiles

Because of the nature of the EPTA organisation and the many roles that members can have within  the organisation, we have categorised these roles and the information associated with them into Profiles. Access to, and display of the different profiles is dependent on your roles in EPTA - ordinary member, corporate member, Regional Organiser, Management, Editor, Administrator etc.

It is really important, that if you fulfill any of these roles, that you complete the appropriate profile form as explained below,

You could have anywhere between 1 and 5 different profiles depending on the roles you fulfil for EPTA. Roles are assigned by the EPTA administrator, not by individual members.

Below are some possible scenarios and examples:

1)    If you are not a Corporate Member you will not be able to create or display a corporate profile. Only Corporate Members will have a link to a Corporate profile page.
2)     If you are an EPTA Member but don’t fulfil any other roles (such as Regional Organiser or Management Committee) you will ONLY be able to access and edit a Member profile
3)    If you are both an EPTA member AND a Regional Organiser you will be able to access and edit both a Member profile and a Regional Organiser profile.
4)    If you are both an EPTA member AND a Management Member AND a Regional Organiser you will be able to access and edit a Member profile, a Management profile and a Regional Organiser Profile.

2.1    Below is a list of all the different possible profiles:

  • Name and Contact Details Profile
  • EPTA Member Profile
  • Regional Organiser Profile
  • Management Committee Profile
  • Corporate Member Profile

2.2     Uploading and editing information to your personal profiles

Making sure all your profiles are populated with data and are up to date is really important, as visitors to the EPTA website will be able to see this information when they visit the site. For example, if you are a Regional Organiser, your Regional Organiser profile will appear on the Regional Organisers page. 

Editing a profile is very easy - just like filling in a form or typing into a WORD document. 

First, Logon to the website by clicking on the My EPTA button at the top right of the HOME page

Then, on the page that appears, click on the link to the appropriate profile 

Fill in the form and fields

Click on SUBMIT or SAVE

2.3    Name and Contact Profile:  

Every member has this basic profile. Contains name, address, telephone no and website details. Complete/check this one first before filling in any of the other profiles

All the member data from the old EPTA website has been imported into the new website, so you should find all is present and correct here, unless your details have changed recently.

*    To access this profile click on the EDIT my Contact Information link on the left hand side of the page, after you have logged onto the website

NB: You can always control who (Public, Members or Admin Only ) is able to see your personal contact details such as address, telephone and website. Your email address is never visible under any circumstances - visitors only see a link. You can set your privacy settings in your EPTA Member profile (see below)

2.4    EPTA Member Profile:  

All EPTA Members can have a Member Profile page. Your EPTA MEMBER PROFILE is your window to the outside world and as such, should be as informative as possible and look good too.
Member profiles can include an image (profile picture usually), a biography, a list of qualifications and links to video and/or audio clips and other information such as lesson fee information etc.
This information is displayed in the Find a Teacher section, but only if all the other criteria for appearing in this section are met. (eg: Appropriate membership type, being on the register, etc.)
One of the main functions of EPTA and the EPTA website is the Find a Teacher function which  is used most by visitors to the site, so it is really worth making the effort to populate this section with as much up to date and relevant data as possible..

NB: In addition, this profile gives the option to set address and telephone number access to PUBLIC, MEMBERS or PRIVATE.

*    To access this profile click on the EDIT my EPTA Member Profile link on the left hand side of the page, after you have logged onto the website

1.    Upload an image. 

Click on the Choose file button and select an image from your computer hard disk.

Click on SUBMIT. Providing you have uploaded an image that is within the specified parameters, it will now appear on your profile page.

Profile pictures must be at least 150 x 150 pixels and no larger than 300 x 300 pixels. The maximum file size for an image is 100k. Permissible file extensions are png, gif, jpg, jpeg.

Most imaging editing software will help you resize and compress your images.If you don’t have access to this kind of software, try which will compress the image online for you.

2.     Type in a biography

We recommend that you avoid cutting and pasting your biog from a Microsoft WORD file or any other mainstream word processor.

These word processors insert hidden characters into the text for formatting purposes, and these often cause unexpected results when they are transferred onto the web. You can avoid this in 2 ways:

a)    Type it in directly
b)    Copy all the text (Ctrl A) and then (CTRL C) in from the MS WORD file and paste it (CTRL V) in to a very basic text editor such as Notepad on a PC or Notes on a Mac. Then, select all and copy it again (Ctrl A) and then (CTRL C)  and paste it (CTRL V)  in to the webpage. Notepad and Notes both strip all the hidden characters from the text by default which is why this solves the problem.


3.    Put in your Qualifications

List your qualifications in this text box.

4.    State your fees

Insert your hourly tuition fee in the format of xx.00 The system will add the £ symbol automatically.

5.    Insert a video Clip(s)

If you have video clips on Youtube, Vimeo or Facebook, you can embed them on your profile page. You can link to as many video clips as you like.

1) Goto Youtube, find the video you want to display, and click on the SHARE button

2) Copy the URL Youtube generates - it should look something like this: - ( NB: the string of letters after will be different for every video)

3) You can embed Vimeo and Facebook videos as well - just get the video URL from Vimeo or Facebook rather than Youtube

4) Paste the URL into the Video URL field on this page.

5) Fill in the description field too if you want to describe the content of the video in some way.

6.     Insert an Audio clip

You can insert audio into your Member page in 2 ways:

    i.    Upload a file form your computer

    Click on the Choose File button

    Make sure the file you choose/select is an MP3 file (has the suffix mp3 as in filename.mp3)

    Click on Upload

    If you want to add another audio file, click SAVE at the bottom of the page and you will see     the option to choose another file appear

    ii.    Link to your Soundcloud Files

    For those who are not aware of Soundcloud, it is the Youtube equivalent for Audio - so if you have lots of audio files you want to distribute, make available on the internet etc.,         opening a account (it’s free) makes a lot of sense.

    Go to your soundcloud page

    Find the audio clip you want to share and click on the SHARE button

    Copy the link and embed it in the Soundcloud field on your EPTA member page

    Click SAVE at the bottom of the page

7.     Set your Privacy Settings for your contact details

If you only do one thing, do this!

Please make sure you choose your preferred options for your address and telephone settings, bearing in mind that when you select:
Public Access: Anyone visiting the site can see the information
Members Access: Only logged on EPTA Members can see the information
Private Access: Only the EPTA administrator can see this information

Below are 2 examples of how it works:

If you set your address to PUBLIC, your telephone to PRIVATE and your mobile and work no to MEMBERS, then:

Anyone can see your address
Only the EPTA administrator can see your telephone number

Only EPTA Members can see you mobile and work numbers

If you set your address to PRIVATE, your landline and mobile to MEMBERS and you work no to PUBLIC, then:

Nobody except an EPTA Administrator can see you exact address, although your POSTAL TOWN and COUNTY is displayed - but no house, street or postcode details are visible

Only REGISTERED EPTA MEMBERS will see your landline and mobile numbers

Everyone can see your work no.

8.    Click on SAVE

Don’t forget this step as all your hard work will be last when you close your browser unless you click on SAVE first!

2.5    Regional Organiser Profile

*    To access this profile click on the EDIT my Regional Organiser Profile link on the left hand side of the page, after you have logged onto the website.

NB: Unless the EPTA administrator has assigned you this role from the EPTA Admin system, you will not see this link and not be able to configure a Regional Organiser Profile.

Some of the information which appears in the Regional Organiser displays automatically based on information in your Name and Contact profile - ie: Name, Address etc.

The regional organiser profile currently only has two fields to be completed:

1) Choose your Region from the dropdown list
2) Fill in the text box with any information you like about your regional organisation
3) Click on SAVE!

2.6    Management Profile: 

*    To access this profile click on the EDIT my Management Profile link on the left hand side of the page, after you have logged onto the website.

This Profile enables members of the management committee to provide a picture and short biog about themselves. Your management role is automatically set by Carole, so if there is an error there, you need to contact her and let her know.

The information is displayed on the Meet the Management Committee page.

1) Fill in the Biog box - same instructions as 2.4 (2) above
2) Upload an image  - same instructions as 2.4 (1) above

3.0    Help and Bug Reporting

If you have any problems, need help or want to report anything untoward please fill in the bug-report form at: or email Richard Gonski at

Please include:

The type and make of the device you were working on (PC or Mac, Tablet or Phone)

A detailed (if possible) description of how the problem/bug/difficulty occurred