In celebration of its 40th anniversary year, EPTA Education is proud to present a brand new suite of three piano teaching diplomas: CertEPTA, DipEPTA and LEPTA. These letter-bearing qualifications steadily accumulate in their requirements; in turn, they will help EPTA members to evolve their skills and knowledge in ways which chime with modern pedagogy. They will undoubtedly add to a teacher's reputation and status within the community, as well as help to reassure pupils and parents. An EPTA diploma is an opportunity for a teacher to become more familiar with a range of contemporary and long-established approaches; from mindfulness to new technologies for example, or from teaching lighter styles and improvisation to preparing pupils for exams. Learning to teach, not unlike learning to play, is as rewarding as it is rigorous; progression is linear and ongoing, not something which ever arrives at a convenient full-stop. 

EPTA is delighted to have recently embarked on an innovative collaboration with ABRSM, delivering professional development to help teachers build confidence, flexibility and momentum into what they are doing. This emphasis on progression within the teaching profession resonates easily and logically with taking a qualification. Whether you are a seasoned practioner looking to consolidate your teaching, or newer to the profession, an EPTA diploma provides an invaluable yardstick. Courses take the form of an action-packed series of events now in full-swing in Manchester and a week-long Summer residential study in Chichester. The ABRSM teaching diplomas will also be offered later in the year. To find out more do have a look at their website https://gb.abrsm.org/en/our-exams/diplomas/instrumentalvocal-teaching/

A new mentoring scheme adds a welcome further dimension to supporting EPTA's members in their quest to advance themselves. Experts are on hand to guide you from the initial stages - which diploma should I take? How long will it take me? - right through to the exam day. Your examiner will be a thoroughly experienced and qualified musician, keen to discover what you have so far embraced in your teaching rather than to expose areas currently less well-grounded. Do take a moment to browse through the CertEPTA requirements (this is the entry level qualification) with a view to taking the diploma later in 2019; the two higher level EPTA diplomas will be rolled out subsequently in line with take-up, so watch this space!