Music "For Children" in support of the Ukrainian Suzuki Association

Thursday, July 28, 2022 - 13:15 to 14:00
Summary Description

This lunchtime concert is to benefit the ‘Ukrainian Suzuki Association’. This is to help them to support violin teachers now displaced within Ukraine or living abroad. To support families by ‘buying pianos and violins for children who ended up in other regions of Ukraine or abroad’, and other activities to support the music education of Ukrainian children.

We have a very special performance of a children’s piece by the first female Ukrainian composer, Stephania Turkewich, written in the 1930’s, with this its perhaps first public performance! Turkewich was an immigrant, moving to the UK after WWII in 1946 when she married, and died in Cambridge in 1977, a historic echo of something that many musicians from Ukraine are now unfortunately experiencing.

Music for children features music also by Charlotte Bray, with solo piano pieces inspired by the temperaments of her school friend’s children. Happy to say the composer will be present at the performance.

Also very exciting, two pieces receiving their UK premier by French composer Regis Campo, dedicated to the two young performers from CSYM, Hope, and Jerome whom the composer met in 2018 in Cambridge. They form part of his soon to be published second volume of pieces called ‘Galaxies’ The titles reflecting the composers fascination with science and space, with the two pieces inspired by each performer’s personality and playing.

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