Sad Pieces

pre-grade 1 - grade 5     

compiled by Florence Creighton

Grade 1
Marche Slav - Tchaikovsky (Bastien Lessons, 2)
Blue Monday - Noona (The Performer, Bk 2)
Quasi Adagio - Bartok (For Children)
A Little Song - Kabalevsky (15 Children's Pieces)
Monday - Richard Rodney Bennett (7 Days a Week)

Grade 2
Minuet in G minor - J S Bach (Anna Magdelena)
Minuet in C minor - J S Bach (Anna Magdelena)
Polonaise in G minor - J S Bach (Anna Magdelena)
La Pernette - Vincent d'Indy
All Forlorn - William Alwyn (Romantic Pieces, Bk 1)
Adagio - Steibelt (Romantic Pieces, Bk 1)
Round Dance - Bartok (For Children)
Song of the Tramp - Bartok (Young People at the Piano)

Grade 3
Old French Song - Tchaikovsky
A Sad Story - Kabalevsky (15 Children's Pieces)
Cossack Song - Gedike (Fanny Waterman, Repertoire Bk 1)
Erster Verlust - Schumann (Album for the Young)
The Poor Orphan - Schumann (Album for the Young)
Soldier's Song - Bartok (For Children)
Fall of the Leaf - Pearson
Blues - Hengeveld (Melodie en Rhythme)

Grade 4
Blues - Peter Craddy

Grade 5
Prelude in E minor - Chopin
Mazurka in G minor - Chopin