Spacious into Spring - One day Online Retreat for Musicians

Sunday, February 7, 2021 - 10:00 to 16:00
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Spacious into Spring - One day Online Retreat for Musicians

Sunday 7th February

Join Susanne Olbrich and Anna Mavromatidi Whyte for a one-day retreat to find out how mindfulness and yoga can benefit your musical activities. Explore ways of bringing spaciousness into your daily life and tap into spring’s fresh energy and inspiration through simple, nourishing meditation and yoga practices.


Mindfulness practice has plenty to offer to musicians, supporting clarity of mind, emotional resilience and a deepened awareness of the body. You are invited to a day of relaxation and discovery. In an atmosphere of spaciousness and with an attitude of ‘beginner's mind’, we will practice listening to the body and allow the mind to calm as we literally ‘come back to our senses’. 


The offered set of practices can be easily included with the rhythms of your own life. You will receive recordings of the guided practices after the retreat.


The day is suitable for musicians who are new to mindfulness and/or yoga, as well as for those who wish to deepen their experience. Yoga practices will be gentle and no particular level of fitness is required.


We will use the Zoom online platform, there will be offline breaks including a lunch break.


COST: Three levels of pricing are available - £25 / £35 / £45. Please choose a price according to your circumstances.



please email Susanne,, or Anna,



SUSANNE OLBRICH is a pianist, music educator and experienced mindfulness teacher. She recently completed a research study on "Mindfulness and Musical Creativity" at the University of Aberdeen to receive a Master's in Mindfulness. 


ANNA MAVROMATIDI WHYTE is a classically trained pianist and piano tutor. She developed the course 'Creating Space - Yoga and Mindfulness for Musicians', now in its second year, as well as YogaMind classes which she offers on a regular basis.