Hey Presto! Adult Piano Method for Children Aged 11+ Corporate Profile

Gold Dust Music
Gold Dust Music is the publisher of Hey Presto! Adult Piano Method for Children Aged 11 and Over. This publication has achieved remarkable reviews in it's short life. First published in July 2018 it has proved a hit with piano teachers and students all over the world.

This publication has exceptional pedagogical value incorporating advanced piano playing techniques such as wrist circles and wrist rotation techniques. The music is also incredibly beautiful to play and the sustain pedal is introduced from the very beginning. This is really inspiring for the targeted age range of 11 and over and for those who are rote based this book begins with simple patterns and will steadily introduce them to a more notation based way of learning so that the student becomes proficient in reading.

There is no book 2 this method will take you from complete beginner to grade 2 level. Listen to the music online and 'Fall in Love with the Piano'

We also publish other exceptional piano music with pedagogical value. All our piano music has a large degree of educational value or is extremely musical or both