The Maestro Online Corporate Profile

The Maestro Online is founded by Dr Robin Harrison FRSA.

Perfect "bolt-ons" to 1-1 piano lessons, these piano courses and celebrity masterclasses start with the ear via solfege, then develop improvisation and core skills alongside integrated theory, leading you to become a rounded musician.

Specific improvisation courses include Renaissance, Classical partimenti and rock-pop styles.

Aural courses assist advanced pupils Grades 6-8 including A Levels and Diplomas.

Masterclasses feature rock-pop-gospel pianists who have performed with international names such as Madonna, The Jacksons, Whitney Houston and more.

Members of the library access all courses and masterclasses inclusive, and are also entitled to request specific courses to their own needs.

EPTA members get 20% off for life. Teachers who refer 2 students, for library membership get 12 months free.