ABRSM EPTA Teacher Development Day Five ‘The Flexible, Empathetic Teacher’

Date and Time
Sunday, June 30, 2019 - 10:00 to 17:30

Would a Piano Teaching Booster Day rejuvenate your teaching?  Low cost?  Packed with ideas and inspiration?  Delivered by some of the best music educators and teachers in the UK.

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What Piano Teaching Booster Day is just right for you?

Day Five: 30 June 2019 ‘The Flexible, Empathetic Teacher’, highlights include:

  • Taming the overambitious: Teaching Seminar.
  • Teaching Principles: Workarounds for smaller hands
  • Foundations of Technique: Tone and Colour  
  • Teaching Jazz and Pop Styles Effectively

Venue:  Chetham’s School of Music, Long Millgate, Manchester M1 3SB.

If you have any queries please contact The Administrator by email admin@epta-uk.org or telephone 07510 379286

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