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Panayotis ARCHONTIDES Panayotis ARCHONTIDES parchontides@yahoo.com No 42 The Heights, Charlton LONDON SE7 8JH 0208 8538766 www.natalie-peter.com Joint 10233J London S London SE 0 0 2016 Online 85.00 0 ASCM (NSW Conservatorium) MMus BA(Hons)Diploma Piano perf (Greek ministry of culture) PfTchr Wandsworth Music Services & PTchr 0 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 Joined with wife. ASCM from Sydney and MMus from Trinity Laban. BA in music from American college of Greece. Regularly performs. Had classes with Tirimo, Fowke etc Also has diplomas in orchestration, fugue, harmony.
June ARMSTRONG June ARMSTRONG junearmstrong@hotmail.co.uk EPTA Member Yes 17 Old Coach Avenue, BELFAST BT9 5PY Co Antrim 028 9061 6856 www.junearmstrong.com Full Professional 3007 Belfast Northern Ireland 0 0 2020 DD 70.00 1 950122 MA BMus LTCL MA BMus LTCL PTchr 1 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 6.98New BSO failed because no a/c no. on it. June will send chq and sort out with bank. Blank BSO form sent for 1999
Stephen ARMSTRONG Stephen ARMSTRONG stephenpiano@aol.com EPTA Member Yes North Cottage Middlebank Farm Errol PERTH PH2 7SX 07702 107560 01382 202921 Full Professional 8697 Scotland East Scot PH 0 0 2019 Online 70.00 0 DipRSAMD DipRSAMD PfTchr High School of Dundee & PTchr 0 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 A student at RSAMD. Well known to Murray McLachlan. He is keen to start up EPTA Perth region.rejoined MArch 2014 new member
Janet ARNOLD Janet ARNOLD janet.arnold3232@gmail.com EPTA Member Yes 68 Hillside Gardens Braintree CM7 1DJ Essex 01376 741216 07710 259494 www.sammysemibreve.com Full Professional 8805 Essex Essex 0 0 2020 DD 70.00 1 206268 BMus(Hons), ARCM, LGSM, MISM BMus (Hons) ARCM LGSM MISM PfTchr Felsted Sch, PfTchr Hockerill Anglo-European College and PTchr 1 Thursday, March 14, 2013 Studied BMus at RCM with John Barstow. Silver medalist in LGSM piano performance. ARCM is piano teaching. Supplied information about her teaching, which is very organised and sounds thorough. New member DBS from May 2015
Mila Art soundart contact@soundartstudio.co Yes Iasi 700000 https://www.soundartstudio.co
Jane ARTHUR-SEILLY Jane ARTHUR-SEILLY jseilly@ntlworld.com EPTA Member Yes 23 Elstree Road, Woodhall Farm HEMEL HEMPSTEAD HP2 7NE Herts 01442 392943 www.ladybirdpianotuition.co.uk Full Associate 8482A Herts Herts 1 0 2020 Online 70.00 0 BA(Hons) PTchr 0 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 2 years experience piano teaching, no qualifications, planning to study for OU diploma in music New member 17.5.16 - change of name 20.11.18 - renewed
Jennifer ARTHURTON JLA Music Jennifer ARTHURTON jla-music@hotmail.co.uk EPTA Member Yes 5 Leapingwell Close Chelmer Village CHELMSFORD CM2 6RZ Essex 01245 602324 07515 868463 01245 602324 www.jla-music.com Full Associate 9077A Essex Essex 0 0 2020 DD 70.00 1 202525 PTchr 0 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 Has grade 8 and taught for many years. Has listed exam results which are good.Intends to do the DipABRSM
Charlotte Ashby Charlotte Ashby Charlotteashby9@gmail.com EPTA Member Yes Tarras Tileworks Cottage Langholm DG130LN Dumfries and Galloway 01387320698 07795627412 Student 10566 Manchester Cumbria 0 0 2020 BACS 10.00 0 DipABRSM DipABRSM 0 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 Charlotte is studying for ABRSM teaching diploma 28.3.19 - change of surname
Charlotte Ashby Charlotte Ashby Charlottrashny9@gmail.com Yes Tarras Tileworks Cottage Langholm DG13 0LN Dumfries and Galloway 07795627412
Adrian ASHFORD Adrian ASHFORD dummy@dummy999.com No 115 Admaston Road Plumstead London SE18 2TF 020 8317 0378 www.adrianashfordpiano.co.uk Full Professional 6102 London S London SE 0 0 65.00 0 GLCM LLCM LLCM St Davids Col West Wickham Kent & PTchr 0 Tuesday, July 21, 2009 7.05 sub entered against wrong ASHFORD 6.02 ú10 JBF 3.01 ú20 JBF 10.00 ú10 JBF 97/8BSO failed Now paid sub
Jean ASHFORD Jean ASHFORD jeanashford@yahoo.com EPTA Member Yes 24 Squirrel Rise MARLOW SL7 3PN Bucks 01628 486227 Full Professional 1894 Bucks/Berks Bucks 0 0 2020 Online 70.00 0 BA LRSM BA LRSM Pf/TheoryTchr Wycombe High Sch & Chiltern Music Academy, & PTchr 0 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 New email address
Jennifer ASHURST Jennifer ASHURST ashurstfamily@tiscali.co.uk EPTA Member Yes 29 Broadhurst ASHTEAD KT21 1QB Surrey 01372 276610 Full Professional 10058 London S Surrey 0 0 2019 BACS 70.00 0 LRSM (P & T) LRSM (P & T) PTchr 1 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 Attended ABRSM Conference in London. Studied at Zimbabwe College of music for diplomas. Attends regular ABRSM events.
Michelle ASSAY Michelle ASSAY michelleassay@gmail.com No 5 Rivershill Gardens HALE BARNS WA15 0AZ Cheshire 0161 9800382 Student 9009S Manchester Cheshire 0 0 2016 Online 10.00 0 0 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 Student on PhD in musicology at University of Sheffield course ends 2017!! new member
Nadera Assim alepatel sameidentity@aol.com Yes Flat 2 Luddington House Stroude Road Egham TW20 9UZ TW209UZ Surrey
Michael ASTON Michael ASTON aston.michael@gmail.com EPTA Member Yes Spring Hill Cottage, Punnetts Town HEATHFIELD TN21 9PE E Sussex 01435 830177 0783 111 8088 Full Professional 8869 Sussex E East Sussex 0 0 2020 Chq 70.00 0 ARCM (TD) MA (Cantab) ARCM (TD) MA (Cantab) PTchr 1 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 Has a teaching diploma from the RCM and MA from Cambridge.Now teaches privately but taught at Leeds High Sch for Girls for 23 years. New Member
Holger Aston Holger Aston Holger_Aston@yahoo.co.uk EPTA Member Yes 11 wells Park Court 39 Taylor's Lane Sydenham SE26 6QP London 0208 291 0512 0790 562 7177 Full Professional 10973 Kent Kent 0 0 11/03/2019 2020 Online 70.00 0 MA, ARCM, LRAM G8 piano, ARCM perf, LRAM perf, MA (Liszt Academy) PfTchr Notting Hill and Ealing High School London & PTchr 0 03/2019 I use the Kodaly approach to support musicianship skills and knowledge. Some of my students have gone on to study music at university. Has MA from Liszt Academy.
Mair Atkins Mair Atkins mair.atkins@gmail.com EPTA Member Yes 5 Laud Close Newbury RG14 2SL Berkshire 07774 259918 www.mairatkinspiano.co.uk Full Professional 10734 Bucks/Berks Berkshire 0 0 2020 Online 70.00 0 PGCE, Adv Cert ABRSM PGCE and Advanced Certificate ABRSM. 1 09/2017
Rosie Attwood-Harris Rosie Attwood-Harris rosieah@yahoo.co.uk Yes 15 Wath Road Nether Edge SHEFFIELD S7 1HD South Yorkshire Full Professional 10639 Sheffield South Yorks 0 0 2017 Online 32.50 0 BMus (hons), DipABRSM BMus (hons),DipABRSM, G8 piano PTchr 0 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 I have fond memories of my own first piano lessons with a Suzuki teacher, so have a lot of respect for that approach, although I don't have training as a Suzuki teacher and haven't really used their books or methods explicitly. I see music as something that's important for everyone, perhaps partly due to having first built up full-time piano teaching work in a quite deprived area (near Stoke on Trent) - so I don't audition new students for competition-winning potential or for them prioritising the piano over everything else in life. I try to give everyone the skills they need to become independent music lovers, and to help and encourage them to pursue excellence in performing to whatever heights they wish. I have a few favourite books but don't subscribe to any one method - the most important thing is to work with each student individually. My aims are that my students enjoy music in general, and play piano expressively by having a deep understanding of its construction. Other than the Music Psychology in Education MA I've been a bit too busy unfortunately. I did participate in a couple of performance masterclasses with Martin Roscoe and Penelope Roskell over the last three years, which was interesting for observing teaching methods as well as performance advice. I'm active in several online groups for piano teachers all over the world (and accompanists and performers), which I really value for keeping up-to-date generally. Being able to discuss with other professionals and to seek opinions from a wide range of other people can be really enlightening. Being home-educated myself, having worked with autistic and brain injured people for a few years in non-musical settings, and having taught very many different kinds of students when I was a peripatetic piano teacher in Staffs/Cheshire schools, I feel that I've gained a good basis in understanding how people think and learn - and strongly believe that if you're paying attention, then as a teacher you're constantly learning from your students how to become a better teacher. I definitely hope to do something like the EPTA course in the next few years - now I'm settled in my own home and have plenty of work so can afford to live!
Janice AULD Janice AULD auld_janice@yahoo.com EPTA Member Yes 31 Beechgrove Gardens BELFAST BT6 0NN 07972 560228 Full Professional 8976 Belfast Northern Ireland 0 0 2020 Online 70.00 0 DRSAM ALCM DipMus(Open) DRSAM ALCM DipMus(Open) PTchr 1 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 She was a student at RSAMD Equally qualifies as a pianist and singer. Also has the OU music diploma. She is working towards a teaching diploma. Runs her own private teaching practice. paid half fees 2012-13 new member
Joy AUSTEN Joy AUSTEN joyausten@btinternet.com EPTA Member Yes Arran, Theobolds, Hawkhurst CRANBROOK TN18 4AJ Kent 01580 752 999 Full Professional 8569 Kent Kent 0 0 2020 DD 70.00 1 404783 ARCM Teaching Cert. Ed LRAM Prof Cert ARCM teaching Cert. Ed LRAM Prof Cert PfTchr St Ronan's Sch, Hawkhurst & PTchr 1 Tuesday, April 16, 2013 change of address and phone number
David AUSTIN David AUSTIN david@pianoteacherlytham.co.uk Yes 52 East Beach LYTHAM ST ANNES FY8 5EY Lancs 01253 735199 0797 0012663 Full Professional 8801 Manchester Lancs 0 0 BACS 65.00 0 LRSM (Dist) DipABRSM (Dist) LRSM (Dist) DipABRSM (Dist) PTchr 1 Tuesday, February 2, 2010 Well known to Murray. Has distinction in both his performing and teaching qualifications. A former RAF trained pilot, now a private piano teacher. Working towards FRSM (performing) and LRSM (teaching) New member
Samuel Austin Samuel Austin smaustin@outlook.com EPTA Member Yes McGill's House Aldenham Road ELSTREE WD6 3BU Herefordshire 07921840616 Full Professional 10710 Herts Herts 0 0 2020 Online 70.00 0 1 03/2018
Helen AUSTWICK Helen AUSTWICK hmamusic@yahoo.co.uk EPTA Member Yes Rock Mount Sowerby New Road, Sowerby Bridge HX6 1LQ W Yorks 01422 836487 07761260155 Full Professional 8093 Yorks Cen West Yorks 0 0 2020 DD 70.00 1 050924 BA(Hons) CTABRSM CTABRSM PfTchr & PTchr 1 Monday, May 24, 2010 BA is English with History, post as curriculum support advisor at Jun & Infants, taught Kodaly singing to Asian children as part of 3 yr project to boost achievement in an urban school. New member
Kandi AV kandikcb0013228535136 kandi_dixson61@vipcherry.com Yes Industrieweg 244 Industrieweg 244 Industrieweg 244 Brakel 9660
Gabriella AV gabriellacambage1358 alekksandrad4rab@mail.ru Yes 53 Rue Victor Hugo 53 Rue Victor Hugo 53 Rue Victor Hugo Coudekerque-Branche 59210
Drew AW drewpitre6497081 DrewPitre69@books.intained.com Yes Alte Poststrasse 15 Alte Poststrasse 15 Alte Poststrasse 15 Haid 4860
Collette AY collette0538522291216 Collette-Buzacott55@erpin.org Yes 2 Rue Marie De Medicis 2 Rue Marie De Medicis 2 Rue Marie De Medicis Blagnac 31700
Ruth Ayres Harris Ruth Ayres Harris ruthayresharris@gmail.com EPTA Member Yes 8 Flaminian Way Ancaster Grantham NG32 3PU Lincolnshire GRANTHAM & SLEAFORD 07972 642134 Full Professional 10897 East Midlands Lincs 1 0 09/10/2018 2019 Online 35.00 0 LTCL, MA, DipEd LTCL, MA, DipEd, grade 8 piano PTchr 1 10/2018 I match methods to individual learning needs and do not agree with the idea of teaching just one method! I'm trained in many different methods but much and match eg Suzuki method works for some but not for all pupils& families. I specialise in teaching advanced( post grade 8 ) students & talented young people aiming for careers in music I have a 100% pass rate. Most students pass with distinction I am a qualified psychologist as well. I specialise in performance coaching/helping nervous performers. I studied piano for 9 years in junior dept of Royal Welsh School of Music & Drama Cardiff and 4 years full time internal diploma course at Guildhall School of Music & Drama London. I have lots of performing experience - I'm also a professional accompanist & an orchestral musician. 29.10.18 - request for details not be in the handbook or appear on the website. 30.10.18 - change of mind re above
Nancy Bachus Nancy Bachus music@gwis.com Yes 2862 Middleton Road Hudson OH 44236 3306500878
Alexandra BACK Alexandra BACK back.alexandra.26@gmail.com EPTA Member Yes 66 Grasmere Road Muswell Hill LONDON N10 2DJ 07747 613482 Full Professional 10666 London N London N 0 0 2020 BACS 70.00 0 PTchr 1 Saturday, May 13, 2017
Graham Backledge Rimmers Music Graham Backledge graham@rimmersmusic.co.uk Corporate Member, EPTA Member Yes Rimmers Music Bolton 29-31 Goodwin Street Bolton BL1 1UN Lancashire 01204 526623 07772424208 01204 526623 https://www.rimmersmusic.co.uk Corporate 10780 Manchester Lancs 0 0 14/11/2017 2019 BACS 130.00 0 We are Music Instrument Retailer and Supplier to Education with nine stores, specialising in acoustic pianos with brands such as Steinway, Yamaha, Boston, Essex and many more. Our highly trained technicians ensure all our new and refurbished pianos are of the highest quality with FREE UK preparation and delivery. 0 Rimmers Music (Est.1978) has an excellent reputation and is regarded as one of the best Musical Instrument Retail Company’s in the UK. We deal with large amounts of goods on a daily basis via our physical stores, established mail order website www.rimmersmusic.co.uk and dedicated education sales division with education catalogue (distributed to over 26,000 schools and Music Services all over the country). We also have stores on EBAY and Amazon retailing musical instruments. Retailing both new and used equipment Rimmers Music has a reputation for offering competitive prices (always with long guarantees for peace of mind) and excellent part exchange prices. We also buy old instruments to recycle and sell, enabling our customers get a refurbished bargain and also help the environment. We price check daily to ensure we are giving you the best deal possible. If you find a better deal than we offer we would be very surprised and like to hear about it. We offer delivery and collection services for all products to make the process of getting your new instrument and part exchanging your old instrument easy. We use next day delivery and collection services for most items, via various courier companies we have accounts with. Via these couriers we give tracking information for timed delivery slots (in most cases). We also sell specialist items that require an additional level of delivery service, items such as acoustic upright or grand pianos. These specialist delivery items are delivered by our trained team of experts who know how to handle items of this nature, are fully insured, professional and give our customers the installation with the care and attention they deserve. We sell a huge range of musical instruments such as acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass guitars, guitar amplifiers, acoustic pianos (upright and grand), electric pianos, acoustic drum kits, electric drum kits, digital keyboards, synthesizers, percussion, DJ equipment, PA systems, World percussion such as Djembes and Cajons, classroom equipment such as glockenspiels and maracas, accessories and much more. We sell in the region of 350 different musical instrument brands from many distributors and suppliers such as Yamaha, Roland, Korg, Casio, Alesis, Kawai, Mapex, Meinl, Taylor, Takamine, Mahalo, Nord, Blackstar, Fender, Squier, Stentor, Paiste, Steinway, ESP, Vox, Pearl, Tama, Faith, Valencia, Carlsbro, Vintage, Jupiter, Odyssey, Encore, HK Audio, Boss, Peavey, Focusrite, Epiphone by Gibson and many more. We are the one stop music store with musical instruments for all the family. Our customer service team are excellent, they are trained daily on the musical instruments we sell and can guide you all the way to the instrument you need, with simple expert advice. We pride ourselves on our knowledge and service we offer our customers. We want you to recommend us to all your friends and family and we can only achieve this by giving you customer care beyond your expectations, we aim to do this each and every time you contact our company. Offering affordable easy payments with Low Rate Finance companies for many years, we have made it easy for our customers to get the instrument of their dreams. We offer 0% interest free credit and low finance rate options on all orders of £250.00 or over, available both online and in store with usually instant decisions. We aim to make the musical instrument you want as affordable to you as possible, as fast as possible. We have established Rimmers Music Schools at each of our branches with hundreds of satisfied students of all age groups from 5 years old to 95 years old. Our music studios are purpose built by us and fully stocked with the latest equipment for you to use. We are also London College of Music and Rock School examination centres (and are highly respected by both), although taking exams is optional. We want you to have your lessons and enjoy them, some people like exams some don’t, we will teach you at your pace in the styles you want to learn, or take you through the exams of your choice. All our tuition is via private one to one lessons so you do not have to worry how you look or sound, just have fun. We will help and guide you all the way. Some of our staff also work as College Lecturers, which again re-enforces our background and knowledge in this area. All our teachers are DBS checked for security on a regular basis and many have students that have returned each week for lessons for many years, constantly improving to higher and higher playing standards and improving the knowledge they have. We offer all our customers a Free Lesson in our Rimmers Music School on the instrument of their choice. We currently teach piano, keyboard, acoustic guitar, classical guitar, bass guitar, drums, percussion, singing/vocal coaching, clarinet, saxophone, flute, ukulele, mandolin, banjo, violin and music theory. Basically we can teach you to play to a high standard and all the music theory to go with it. For customers who cannot get to our music school (and customers who can) we allow access to our exclusive online lessons we have created free of charge 24 hours a day. To conclude, Rimmers Music is a reliable musical instrument retail company with excellent value for money products from all the top brands and manufacturers and we can also teach you how to play.
Ruth Badley Ruth Badley ruth@badley.ca Yes 8 The Croft Elsenham Bishops Stortford CM22 6LU 01279817514
Ila Patricia Bagapuro ilapatricia Ila.patricia.b@gmail.com Yes 20 Castlelaw Gardens Glasgow G32 0NG 07450584655
Hannah Bailey Hannah-Bailey Hannah.v.bailey@live.com Yes 38 Churchill place Brooke NR15 1LQ Norfolk 07539467540
Susan BAILEY Susan BAILEY sbhoa110@gmail.com EPTA Member Yes 41 Salisbury Drive DUKINFIELD SK16 5DL Cheshire 07990 758680 www.keysandreed.co.uk Full Associate 10305A Manchester Cheshire 0 0 2020 DD 70.00 1 402523 DipLCM (P) PTchr 0 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 DipLCM is piano performance. Alos has grade 8 theory. Attends Kodaly and dalcroze workshops and still has piano lessons.
Sarah Bailie Sarah Bailie sarah.bailie@hotmail.co.uk Yes 33 Ivanhoe Road Herne Bay CT6 6EG Kent 01227 371735 07766 168872
Wilma Baillie Wilma Baillie ilovemy2kidz@hotmail.com EPTA Member Yes 1 Strathmiglo Place Stenhousemuir LARBERT FK5 4UQ Stirlingshire 07803054393 07803054393 Full Associate 10467A Scotland West Scot FK 0 0 2020 Online 70.00 0 B.A. (Open) which includes Dip. Mus. P.G.D.E. Primary PTchr 0 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 Previous Teaching Posts: Taught class music across 5-12 year age range within local primary schools through the local authority education before taking up post as a class teacher. This included planning and delivering a broad range of teaching in a variety of styles (individual, group, collaborative). Continuing Professional Development: I am currently undertaking professional reading to ensure that the training I received whilst at college studying music (piano & trumpet) is still current and I am also in professional dialogue with other piano/music teachers. Further Information: I have a few pupils at the moment who are in the early stages of playing. My approach to teaching varies with each child as they are all different in their learning styles. I endeavour to introduce pupils to music in a way that will inspire and encourage them by using a variety of books, games and activities. Some of my older pupils have achieved good/excellent exam results from Grade 1 to Grade 5 A.B.R.S.M. and at Standard and Higher state exam level.
Penelope BAINBRIDGE Penelope BAINBRIDGE penny.bainbridge@ntlworld.com EPTA Member Yes 43 Lordship Lane, LETCHWORTH GARDEN CITY SG6 2BJ Herts 01462 637647 Full Professional 8405 Herts Herts 0 0 2020 DD 70.00 1 601110 BAHons(Mus) ALCM ALCM PTchr 1 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 Teaching privately for 20yrs, has attended ABRSM Piano Syllabus Seminar, passed part 1, teaching, of LLCM(T) New member
Richard BAINES Richard BAINES richardbaines03@gmail.com EPTA Member Yes 52 Hermitage Road Hale ALTRINCHAM WA15 8BW Cheshire 0161 980 3837 Full Professional 7710 Manchester Cheshire 0 0 2020 DD 70.00 1 402302 MMus BMus GRSM ARCM(Pft) LRAM (PfPerf) CertEd GRSM ARCMPfT) LRAM(PfPerf) MMus 0 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 4.03 cheque rcvd but look out for BSO 5.01 would like BSO - thought he had sent one. Not rec'd here. Send in autumn with new amounts. New member
Darren BAIRD Darren BAIRD darrensbaird@gmail.com EPTA Member Yes 11 Cheviot Avenue BELFAST BT4 3AG Full Professional 10311 Belfast Northern Ireland 0 0 2019 Online 70.00 0 BMus (Hons) LTCL (T) PfTchr Methodist Coll, Bloomfield Coll, Carrickfergus Coll, City of Belfast Sch of Music, & PTchr Jenny Boggs Centre of Music Excellence 0 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 Busy teacher in Belfast schools and privately. One of his students achieved the highest mark for grade 7 in the UK
Robin baker Robin baker robinb222@optusnet.com.au Yes 4 ST GEORGES AVE MONT ALBERT 3127 0435073247 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vF9Q9aJvp60
Ian BAKER Ian BAKER bkr942@virginmedia.com No The Henfrey Apartment 4 Wisteria Gardens 10 Sharrow Lane SHEFFIELD S11 8AA S Yorks 0114 2490512 Full Professional 8743 Yorks Cen South Yorks 0 0 Chq 70.00 0 CertPPTC CertPPTC PTchr 0 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 PPTC member 2009/10 £10 each 2013 New member 19.4.18 - informed of death
Mae BAKER-COLLINS Mae BAKER-COLLINS maecollins@hotmail.co.uk Yes Rose Cottage, Bulmer YORK YO60 7BL 01653 619070 07525 448306 Full Professional 10379 Yorks N North Yorks 0 0 BACS 70.00 0 Associate Diploma (Teaching)Victoria College of Music - AVCM(TD); Licentiate Diploma (Teaching Victoria College of Music - LVCM(TD). Ph.D., MA, BA, PG Dip in Education. LVCM(Teaching) AVCM(Teaching) 0 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 Thirty five years of teaching in schools, college and universities prior to retirement. 9.4.18 - resigned
Kathryn BAKEWELL Kathryn BAKEWELL kath_head@hotmail.com EPTA Member Yes 212 Kineton Green Road Olton Solihull B92 7ER West midlands 07787323181 Joint 10386J2 W Midlands West Mids 0 0 2020 BACS 0 BA(Hons) Music Composition, National Diploma Music Practice DDM National Diploma Music Practice DDM PfTchr (Dorridge Music Sch & Stratford Music Centre), and PTchr 0 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 Has 20+ years' experience in music education. Has Grade 8 Piano. Has taught piano privately for 10 years. 29.3.16 change to joint membership, living back at home and mother is a member Sarah Head
Frances Bakrania Frances Bakrania fran@safranoffice.co.uk EPTA Member Yes 18 Beauley Road Bristol BS3 1PY Somerset 0117 966 9119 Full Associate 11001 Bristol Somerset 0 0 10/05/2019 2020 Online 70.00 0 G8 piano PTchr 0 05/2019 My approach to piano teaching is to place a strong emphasis on teaching pupils how to practice effectively. I follow the simultaneous learning approach that Paul Harris advocates. I do not believe in lesson plans! Each lesson, I remember the 4Ps posture, pulse, phonology and personality. I include all of the following in every lesson: theory, technique, improvisation, working I detail on a section of a piece and let the lesson go in the direction the pupil wants. Each lesson is pupil-led. Engaging the pupil is the most important thing as this will lead to proper practice and therefore improvement.
Rebecca Baldesare Beckyminime Beckyminime@yahoo.com Yes 78a Alberta Avenue Cheam SUTTON SM1 2LL Surrey 07742580342 www.facebook.com/baldesaremusic
David Baldwin David Baldwin dpbaldwin@btinternet.com Yes 14 Benny's Way Coton CB23 7PS Cambridgeshire None 0 0 0 0 Thursday, July 13, 2017
Janice BALDWIN Janice BALDWIN janicimo@aol.com EPTA Member Yes The Old Barn, Chudleigh Road, Kingsteignton, NEWTON ABBOT TQ12 3JU Devon 01626 335162 07929 044764 Full Professional 8906 Devon Devon 0 0 2020 DD 70.00 1 403431 ATCL DipABRSM CTABRSM ATCL DipABRSM CTABRSM PfTchr Stover Sch, Torquay boys grammar Sch & PTchr. 1 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 Her 2 diplomas are piano perforamnce and has CT for teaching.Working towards LRSM performance.new dd 2012 new member
Marie Ball Marie Ball marieball01@yahoo.co.uk Yes 1 Golden Avenue Close East Preston LITTLEHAMPTON BN16 1QS West Sussex +4407761838868
Andrew BALL Andrew BALL andypianoball@gmail.com EPTA Member Yes 21 Drakefell Road LONDON SE14 5SL 020 7732 9392 Honorary 8239H London S London SE 0 0 2020 0.00 0 BA FRCM 1 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 Invited to become Honorary Member New Honorary member