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Aza BALLARD-WHYTE Aza BALLARD-WHYTE azabwz@yahoo.co.uk EPTA Member Yes 2 Fairlawn, 2 First Turn OXFORD OX2 8AP 01865 515749 Full Professional 7878 Oxford Oxon 0 0 2019 BACS 70.00 0 BA(Hons) CPPed BA(Hons) CPPed PTchr 1 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 10.01 Cert rec'd new email and change of name (from Stephenson)
Alexandra BALTYN Alexandra BALTYN abaltyn@gmail.com EPTA Member Yes 21 Sydenham Road North CHELTENHAM GL52 6ED Gloucestershire 07840 064117 www.alexandrabaltyn.wordpress.com Full Professional 10280 Bristol Glos 0 0 2020 BACS 70.00 0 MA, BMus (Hons), Cert PTC Cert PTC PfTchr & PTchr 1 10/2018 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 Free year 14.15 as on PTC. May join later in 2015. renewed Jan 2016
Lorraine BANNING Lorraine BANNING lorrainewomack@btinternet.com Customer, EPTA Member, Regional Organiser Yes 68 Aylesbury Road BEDFORD MK41 9RE 01234 305025 07890 530128 lorrainewomackbanning.wordpress.com Regional Organiser 9067 Bedford Town Beds 0 0 2018 65.00 0 CTABRSM DipABRSM (T) DipABRSM (P) CTABRSM DipABRSM (T) DipABRSM (P) PTchr 1 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 Has CTABRSM and is about to sit LRSM performance and DipABRSM teaching. Still has lessons with Anna Markland and is coming on Chetham's summer school. Free year from April 2016 - March 2017 (approved by MM)
Sandra Baranauskeine Sandra Baranauskeine sarsuela@gmail.com Customer, EPTA Member Yes 7 New Acres Road THAMESMEAD SE28 0LD London 07825 957202 Full Professional 10643 London SE London SE 0 0 22/01/2018 2020 DD 70.00 1 309897 Cert PTC 0 PTC 2016-17 Paid £35 Jan 2018 13.2.18 - DD added
Sophie Barford sophieteachesmusic sophieteachesmusic@gmail.com Yes 8 Church Lane Bitton Bristol BS30 6LH Avon 07900517929
Elizabeth Barker Elizabeth Barker ejbarker01@gmail.com Customer Yes 45 Alma Place North Shields NE29 0LY Tyne and Wear 0191 2572543 07837 604074
Hilary BARKWITH Hilary BARKWITH hilarybarkwith@hotmail.com EPTA Member Yes 27 Sycamore Avenue, UPMINSTER RM14 2HR Essex 01708 227599 Full Professional 7929 Essex Essex 0 0 2020 DD 70.00 1 70116 BA (Hons) ALCM LLCM (PD) CTABRSM ALCM LLCM Perf Dip PTchr 1 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 New Member
Janice BARLEY Janice BARLEY janicebarley@tiscali.co.uk EPTA Member Yes 5 Country View, Stubbington, FAREHAM PO14 3NU Hants 01329 663488 Emeritus 1980E Sussex W Hants 0 0 2020 DD 20.00 1 090126 BA(Hons) LTCL(PfT) DipMus BA(Hons) LTCL(PfT) DipMus 0 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 Didn't renew until Sept. Details removed from database new Emeritus member
Stephanie Barlow stephaniebarlowba@gmail.com stephaniebarlowba@gmail.com Yes 25 Alderwood Avenue Chandler's Ford Eastleigh SO53 4TH Hampshire
Sharon Barnea Sharon Barnea sharon.barnea@gmail.com EPTA Member Yes 80 Netherby Park Weybridge KT13 0AQ Surrey 07790891994 07790891994 http://sharon.barnea.free.fr Joint 10750J Surrey Surrey 0 0 26/10/2017 2020 BACS 90.00 0 BMus (hons), PGDip, MMus BMus (hons), PGDip , MMus - all studied at RCM PfTchr Hightfield and Brookham, Liphook & PTchr 1 03/2019 I teach from home about 20 private pupils of all ages, mostly beginners/Intermediate level. Some of my pupils have won prizes at competitions and many of them have earned a Distinction at ABRSM exams, up to Grade 8. As an active concert pianist myself, I can inspire my pupils to a high level of playing and can guide them in conquering technical difficulties, also making them more independent learners, which is my main goal. Performance Training: Advanced performance training in principal study (piano) in all of the above qualifications. Teaching Qualifications: None, but I did attend 2 years of "Art of Teaching" at the RCM Teacher Training: Training in teaching young and talented children, as well as pupils at a higher level
Richard Barnes Kemsing Tuition Richard Barnes kemsingtuition@gmail.com EPTA Member Yes 23 Brookfield Kemsing SEVENOAKS TN15 6SQ Kent 01959 523825 07411 731545 www.kemsingtuition.co.uk Full Professional 10531 Kent Kent 0 0 2019 BACS 70.00 0 BA Music, PGCE BA Music piano and composition at the University of Leeds, PGCE, ABRSM G8 piano and theory PTchr 0 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 I am a private piano teacher and I have been teaching piano since 1988. I teach children and adults from beginner to advanced level. A pupil has recently passed their ABRSM grade 2 piano exam with distinction. Currently Studying for ABRSM Teaching Diploma
James Barnett JamesBarnettPuano jameschapmanbarnett@gmail.com Yes 298a Abbeydale Road Sheffield S7 1FL 07504 714787
Fiona BARNETT Fiona BARNETT fionabarnett@fluteandpianoteaching.co.uk Yes 7 Kidderminster Walk, Broughton MILTON KEYNES MK10 9LF Buckinghamshire Full Associate 10401 Bucks/Berks Bucks 0 0 BACS 65.00 0 PGCE BMus PGCE PfTchr (Beechwood Primary Sch, Luton) and PTchr 0 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 Has PGCE (general qualification), DipABRSM (flute perf) and Grade 8. 5.3.18 - resigned
Stephen BARON Stephen BARON baronshouse2000@yahoo.com EPTA Member Yes 160 Victoria Road, LONDON N22 7XQ 020 8888 6536 www.stephenbaronmusic.com Full Professional 7845 London N London N 0 0 2020 DD 70.00 1 89300 BA(Hons)(Mus) LGSM BA(Hons)(Mus) LGSM Head of Pf North London Colourstrings Centre & workshops for children. 1 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 5.03 certs received! 5.01 no certs rec'd New member
Elizabeth Barr Elizabeth Barr lizbarr6@gmail.com EPTA Member Yes 15 Bakers Close Turvey MK438GJ Bedfordshire 01234 0881003 07787 523136 Full Associate 10975 Bedford Town Beds 0 0 11/03/2019 2020 Online 70.00 0 BMus(hons), PGCE BMus(hons), PGCE, g8 piano PTchr 0 03/2019 I have just started teaching the piano. I am attending the PTC run by Lucinda Mackworth Young. Performance Training: Junior exhibitioner at Trinity College of music, took lessons there and performed regularly at the Saturday lunchtime recitals. Continued with piano as first study at university.
Carol BARRATT Carol BARRATT carol.barratt@blueyonder.co.uk EPTA Member Yes 37 Kingsweston Road, Henbury, BRISTOL BS10 7QT 0117 330 4875 07595 472518 Full Professional 8347 Bristol Bristol 0 0 2019 Online 70.00 0 BMus(Hons) ARCM BMus(Hons) ARCM PfTchr The Redmaids' School & PTchr 1 Friday, July 22, 2011 V late renwing carol.barratt@blueyonder.co.uk rejoined jan 14 New email renewed membership Jan 2016
Timothy BARRATT Timothy BARRATT barratttim@hotmail.com EPTA Member Yes 271 Croxted Road, West Dulwich LONDON SE21 8NN 0208 6704904 07761 373732 Full Professional 7279 London S London SE 0 0 2019 BACS 70.00 0 ARAM GRSM LRAM ARCM LMusTCL ARAM GRSM LRAM ARCM LmusTCL PTchr 1 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 4.00 Orig List 99 signed 21.11.99. Too late for Reg? Fax number
Linda Barrett Linda Barrett Piano Tuition Linda Barrett ljbarrett71@gmail.com EPTA Member Yes 10 Longlands Court Longlands Road Sidcup DA15 7LD Kent 07726 932598 Full Professional 10609 Kent Kent 0 0 2020 BACS 70.00 0 BSc Trinity G8 PTchr 1 09/2017 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 My psychology degree is extremely helpful in informing my piano teaching. I have an excellent understanding of the theories of how children learn; knowledge of how memory works, plus attention and perception. My understanding of cognitive load enables me to plan lessons at an appropriate difficulty level. I have 13 years experience of working with children with special needs ,and currently teach a pupil who is a selective mute. CPD: I am keen to undertake the Trinity Certificate of Music Educators, but it is not yet available in the London area.
Christina BARRIE Christina BARRIE christinabarrie1@gmail.com EPTA Member Yes 2a Redesdale Mansions, 63 Canfield Gardens LONDON NW6 3JJ 020 7625 6511 07905 602944 epta-uk.org Full Professional 8994 London N London NW 0 0 2020 DD 70.00 1 400517 Grad. Dip Ed , Bachelor of music, Associate diploma in piano, University of Adelaide Grad. Dip Ed , Bachelor of music, Associate diploma in piano, University of Adelaide PTchr 1 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 Trained at Adelaide university, Australia. Moved to the UK recently and is working as a private piano teacher.Integrates improvisation in her teaching. Specialises in working with very young children. new member
Scott BARRON Scott BARRON scott@ilovethepiano.co.uk EPTA Member Yes 2 Marionville Crescent EDINBURGH EH7 6AU Lothian 07950 235405 07950 235405 07950 235405 www.ilovethepiano.co.uk Full Professional 10264 Scotland East Scot EH 0 0 2020 DD 70.00 1 804629 DipRCM(P), DipRCM(T), LGSM(T), ALCM(P) DipRCM(P), DipRCM(T), LGSM(T), ALCM(P) PTchr 1 Tuesday, November 15, 2011 studied on 2 year performer course at Napier and then 4 year course at RCM. Has teaching and performing diplomas.
Martyn BARROW Martyn BARROW martyn.barrow.piano@gmail.com EPTA Member Yes Bryn Derw, Friog, Nr DOLGELLAU LL38 2NQ Gwynedd County 01341 250841 07985047983 Full Associate 8340A Swansea Wales 0 0 2020 DD 70.00 1 161531 BA MSc PfTchr & PTchr 0 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 Sent a list of his pupils exam results Change of address
Stephanie BARTLETT Stephanie BARTLETT stephanie@greatstave.co.uk No Sycamore Lodge, 8 Lower Peryers, EAST HORSLEY KT24 6SD Surrey 01483 283858 Joint 8455J London S Surrey 0 0 0 CTABRSM DipLCM (Pno) CertEd CTABRSM DipLCM (Pno) CertEd PTchr 0 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 Regularly attends AB and other w/shops, CTABRSM project "Fostering Imagination in Piano Playing" has taught IT in the past Home address Sycamore Lodge 8 Lower Peryers EAST HORSLEY Surrey KT24 6SD (not listed in handbook) new account 2012 change of phone membership cancelled Feb 2017
John BARTLETT John BARTLETT stephanie@greatstave1.co.uk No Sycamore Lodge, 8 Lower Peryers EAST HORSLEY KT24 6SD Surrey 01483 283858 www.greatstave.co.uk Joint 8455J2 London S Surrey 0 0 0.00 0 LTCL (Pno), ALCM (Org), LLCM (Org) LTCL (Pno), ALCM (Org), LLCM (Org) PTchr 1 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 Joining as his wife is already a member. Private teacher of grade 6 & above. DOES NOT WANT TO BE ON CORPORATE MAILINGS john@greatstave.co.uk change of address
Vivienne Bartolucci Vivienne Bartolucci viviennebartolucci@yahoo.co.uk Yes 68 Latymer Court London W6 7JE London 07502120857
Lorna BARTON Lorna BARTON lornadoone64@hotmail.com EPTA Member Yes 49 Stein Road, Southbourne EMSWORTH PO10 8LB Hants 01243 372966 Emeritus 1143 Sussex W Hants 0 0 2019 BACS 20.00 0 BA(Hons) DipMus(Open) PTchr 1 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 3.03 ú10 JBF 5.01 ú10 JBF 6.01 ú10 jbf 4.00 ú5 JBF 5.99 ú10 JBF £5 both 2011 £5 both 2013 21.5.18 - change to emeritus membership
Nicola BARTRAM Nicola BARTRAM dummy@dummy.com EPTA Member Yes 70 Vernon Close OTTERSHAW KT16 0JD Surrey 01932 875118 Full Professional 8017 Sussex W Surrey 0 0 2020 DD 70.00 1 110808 ALCM TCL Cert Mus Ed ALCM PTchr 0 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 New member
Janet BARWELL Janet BARWELL janet.barwell@btinternet.com EPTA Member Yes Rosebank, Mill Road, BADINGHAM IP13 8LD Suffolk 01728 638089 Full Professional 8865 Cambridge Suffolk 0 0 2020 DD 70.00 1 209807 ARCM LRAM GRSM ARCM LRAM GRSM PfTchr Framlingham College & PTchr 1 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 LRAM is teaching and ARCM is performing. New Member
Adrian BARWICK Adrian BARWICK dummy@dummy.com EPTA Member Yes 2 The Crescent Whickham GATESHEAD NE16 4RU Tyne & Wear 01914 207333 Full Associate 8307A North East Tyne 0 0 2020 DD 70.00 1 600845 PTchr 0 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 Christine Ahmed MA LGSM Cert Ed is his teacher, he has passed Grade 8 piano, trombone & theory New member
Anna BASALDUA LEMARCHAND Anna BASALDUA LEMARCHAND anna_basaldua@yahoo.co.uk Yes 36 Cromwell Gardens LONDON SW7 4AP 07985 490577 Full Professional 8886 London W London SW 0 0 2018 Chq 70.00 0 MMus (Piano Perf.), BMus (Hons), LLCM (TD), (London) Piano Teachers Diploma (Bilbao, Spain) MMus (Piano Perf.), BMus (Hons), LLCM (TD), (London) Piano Teachers Diploma (Bilbao, Spain) PTchr 1 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 Studied with Terroni, Crossland and Zolinsky at LCM. As well as performance degrees she has LLCM teaching diploma and another piano teaching diploma from Spain. Still has lessons with Jill Crossland. New member
Rebekah BASSETT Rebekah BASSETT rebekahhb1@gmail.com EPTA Member Yes 116 Tandragee Road, Markethill BT60 1TT Armagh 07950 221072 Student 10309S Belfast Northern Ireland 0 0 2020 Online 10.00 0 0 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 on DipLCM with Sharon Mark Teggart course ends Nov 2014
Katie Batchelor katiebatchelor@icloud.com katiebatchelor@icloud.com Yes 20 Lion Road Twickenham 20 Lion Road Twickenham TW1 4JF 07990033122 07990033122 07990033122
Christopher BATCHELOR Christopher BATCHELOR dummy@dummy13.com Yes 20 Main Street, Loans, Nr TROON KA10 7EX South Ayrshire 01292 314559 Full Professional 8295 Scotland West Scot KA 0 0 70.00 0 LGSM LTCL CTABRSM LGSM LTCL CTABRSM PTchr 0 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 Also church organist New member 20.12.18 - DD cancelled 2.5.19 - retired
Alison Bates-Hawkesworth Alison Bates-Hawkesworth uniquelyme2@yahoo.co.uk EPTA Member Yes 31 Rayner Drive Arborfield READING RG2 9FB Berkshire 01189 760 137 07840 539329 Full Professional 10790 Bucks/Berks Hants 0 0 22/01/2018 2020 DD 70.00 1 309442 BA G8 piano, ALCM PTchr 0 I have inherited some of my piano pupils and have found that they lack basic posture, wrist, hand and finger positions, theoretical knowledge (such as recognising and naming types of note), sight reading and aural skills and so my job is to work on these areas to establish habits that will improve their ability to play the piano. With all my pupils, I instil a clear and thorough teaching of all of these aspects as well as engendering musicality, music history and hopefully a love of music. I read a range of texts on music from biographies (such as Chopin) and teaching manuals and listen to a lot of music! A couple of years ago, I had piano lessons for about eighteen months. It helps to remember and understand what it is like to be taught piano. I also chat with other piano teachers to share experiences and knowledge. I adapt my teaching for each pupil and go at a pace that is suitable for them and use a range of methods to help explain for example a dotted rhythm or to hear a musical pulse. I have a range of ages (currently aged 7 up to 13) that include dyslexia, autism and hearing issues. As well as piano, I teach theory along side the practical aspect as I believe that all pupils need to understand the music language and to be able to converse with other musicians in the same terms. For all piano exams that have been entered, I have a full pass rate that includes distinctions. 13.2.19 - DD added
Sara Bateson Sara.c91 sara.c91@hotmail.com Yes 19 Venables Road Guisborough TS14 6LG North Yorkshire 07772891382
Hannah Bax Hannah Bax h.bax@hotmail.co.uk EPTA Member Yes 3 Ridgeway Rd Redhill RH1 6PQ Surrey Full Associate 10746 Surrey 0 0 03/10/2017 2020 Online 70.00 0 BA G8 piano PTchr 0 I teach beginners (children and adults) - typically children and their mothers, who had lessons as children and want help to pick it up again. My general approach is to make lessons fun and enjoyable. I include theory, games and piano playing. I had lots of music lessons as a child and experienced lots of different teachers and teaching styles. I continuously read books and articles on the subject for new teaching ideas.
Christopher Baxter Christopher Baxter chrisbaxter@btinternet.com EPTA Member Yes 5 Main Street Chryston Glasgow G69 9DH G69 9DH 07793 864130 www.christopherbaxterpiano.com Full Professional 10868 Scotland West Scot G 1 0 11/09/2018 2020 Online 70.00 0 DipABRSM, BMus, MMus G8 piano, DipABRSM, BMus, MMus PfTchr Kilgraston School for Girls, Loretto School, Douglas Academy Specialist Music School, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Junior School & PTchr 0 09/2018 I have years of professional teaching experience, covering all levels from beginner through to grade 8 and beyond, and as well as my regular teaching posts have given masterclasses and seminars throughout the UK and abroad. I have been interested in joining EPTA for a long time, in order to become part of a broader network of teachers in order to develop my own skills as a teacher and share my experiences with others. I am not too proud to say that I have insecurities about my teaching and always wish to develop. I studied piano privately until Grade 8 level, at which point I entered the Aberdeen City Music School, where I completed my final two school years. From there I progressed to the RSAMD (now Royal Conservatoire of Scotland) where I studied Piano performance and also chamber music, completing a BMus and MMus. Teaching Qualifications: Apart from small units of “techniques of teaching” during my degree, I hold no formal teaching qualifications.
Horolsuren Bayaraa Horolsuren Bayaraa hbayaraa@gmail.com EPTA Member Yes Flat 4 12 Calder Grove Edinburgh EH11 4NA 07570 894192 Full Associate 10928 Scotland East Scot EH 1 0 06/11/2018 2019 Online 35.00 0 G8 piano, pianist and concert master diploma in Music College of Mongolia PTchr 0 11/2018 In addition, I have been a member of EPTA previously but last 4 years i was in abroad which absent from a membership. I have been teaching piano last 10 years but i have been attending teacher training course in Mongolia and attended PTA event in April 2018 at Fettes College in Edinburgh. Performance Training: I studied piano in Music school between 1981-1993 in Mongolia and achieved my Grade 8 piano in 2007 in UK. Teaching Qualifications: Pianist and concertmaster diploma in Music Collage of Mongolia, General Music teacher in bachelor degree in Mongolian Art and Culture University, ABRSM grade 8 in Piano
Dorsa Bayat dorsabayat bayatdorsa@yahoo.com Yes Flat 3 63 St. Martin's Lane London WC2N 4JS London 07871778415
Dorothy BAYLIS Dorothy BAYLIS daby012@gmail.com EPTA Member Yes New Inn Farm, Cross Ash Nr ABERGAVENNY NP7 8PE Monmouthshire 01873 821264 Full Associate 8767A Cardiff Wales 0 0 2019 Chq 70.00 0 CTABRSM CTABRSM PTchr 0 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 Has CTABRSM but playing level only about grade 6. Also a church organist. Teaches up to grade 6 level.£10 bigg 2011.2012 2013. £5 each to Bigg and Ray 2015 new member
Charis BB charisburrowes415 charis.burrowes@ualusa.com Yes Hespelaar 109 Hespelaar 109 Hespelaar 109 Den Hout 4911 Ae
Rebecca Beales Rebecca Beales Beckabea@hotmail.co.uk EPTA Member Yes 20 Thornhill Leigh on Sea SS9 4JS Essex 07963 191586 Full Associate 10784 Essex Essex 0 0 12/01/2018 2019 Online 70.00 0 G8 piano PTchr 0 I have been teaching privately for a number of years, to begin with just children of friends but then acquiring pupils through word of mouth. I am qualified as an early years educator which has helped me teach younger pupils, and many pupils have left my nursery for school and then begun lessons with me. My general approach to piano teaching is quite relaxed, and I use my knowledge of child development and general pedagogy skills to get to know each child/adult holistically in order to motivate and develop them. I have successfully entered pupils into Abrsm exams and (so far) have had no failures. I am hoping to enrol on the piano teachers course and abrsm cme this year.
Irina Beard Irina Beard ivaku46@gmail.com EPTA Member Yes 4 Paradise Writtle Chelmsford CM1 3HP Essex 07794 010588 http://www.irinasmusicstudio.co.uk/ Full Professional 10805 Essex Essex 0 0 06/03/2018 2019 Online 70.00 0 Dip secondary ed music, Novopolotsk Music College Belarus PTchr 0 Piano wasn't studied as a primary subject but it always has being the instrument I play and teach. It was in Belarus, Russia and currently for 13 years) in England (Romford, Chelmsford). I have an own music class where I am teaching children and adults "Irina's music studio". Currently I have 20 students from Romford, Upminster, Hornchurch, Chigwel, Chelmsford and Writtle. I have also attached a few pictures about my class and piano concerts I used to do with my students. Knowing that Sharon Goodey provides many interesting events and concerts in Chelmsford for local teachers I am very interesting about my students to take part in.
Gillian Beattie gillybea gillianbeattie1@yahoo.co.uk Yes 15 Chestnut Hall Drive Moira BT67 0GH County Armagh
Valerie BECK Valerie BECK dummy@dummy.com EPTA Member Yes 20 Blake Hill Crescent, Lilliput POOLE BH14 8QR Dorset 01202 707854 Emeritus 1471E Wessex Dorset 0 0 2020 Chq 20.00 0 0 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 emeritus change 2011 Change of address
Alice BECKWITH Alice BECKWITH alice.kate.beckwith@gmail.com EPTA Member Yes 32 Eldroth Road Halifax HX1 3BA West Yorkshire 07957 863742 Full Professional 10136 London W London W 1 0 2019 BACS 70.00 0 DipABRSM (Teaching), MA (Oxon), DipABRSM (perf) DipABRSM (Teaching) PTchr 1 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 Student at RAM on MMus Compostition. DipABRSM (Teaching) in Feb 2016. Individual status. DBS from Jul 2015 Change of address from 8.2.16
Beth Bee Beth Bee beth@beemusical.co.uk EPTA Member Yes 19 Wiltshire Drive Congleton CW12 1NX Cheshire 01260 281331 07740 179719 www.beemusical.co.uk Friends of EPTA 10909 Manchester Cheshire 1 0 22/10/2018 2020 Online 30.00 0 G7 piano PTchr 0 10/2018 I am a sole trader - Beth Bee trading as Bee Musical (www.beemusical.co.uk) I have been professionally teaching since March 2012, starting with about 4 students and currently have a teaching list of around 30 students with a waiting list of 6. All the students I have entered for theory and practical exams (so far) have passed with distinctions, although I don't take credit for this, I am blessed to have students who work hard. The level of my students range from beginner up to grade 5, with an age range from 3 to 82 years. I am studying part time to reach my grade 8 practical and grade 6 theory exams which I didn't get a chance to take as a teenager, getting back to the level I was back in the 80's. I was recommended EPTA UK by Amy Wakefield Taylor.
Gemma Beeson Gemma Beeson gemmabeeson@hotmail.co.uk EPTA Member Yes 54 Kingswood Rd Fallowfield Manchester M14 6SA Greater Manchester 07968 052015 Full Professional 10955 Manchester Manchester 1 0 08/01/2019 2020 Online 0 BMus(hons), GRNCM, MMus, PGDip BMus(hons), GRNCM, MMus, PGDip, G8 piano PfTchr Chetham's School of Music & PTchr 0 01/2019 Gemma currently works at Chetham's School of Music and is known to Murray. She is also and ABRSM examiner, accompanist and coach for instrumentalists.
Ekaterina BELIK Ekaterina BELIK katya.belik@googlemail.com EPTA Member Yes 69 Carnbee Park EDINBURGH EH16 6GG 07961619168 http://allegrando.co.uk Full Professional 8551 Scotland East Scot EH 0 0 2020 Online 70.00 0 Diploma in Piano Perf/Teaching, MSc Psychology, CT ABRSM Diploma in Piano Perf/Teaching, MSc Psychology, CT ABRSM PTchr 1 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 Returning member July 2015. Declaration provided. gone to Canada may 2010 and has magazine. Will return in a few years.
Judith BELL Judith BELL jandjbell@btinternet.com EPTA Member Yes 17 Robin Close HAMPTON TW12 3UY Middx 020 8783 0602 www.judithbellpianolessons.com Full Professional 1340 London W Middx 0 0 2020 DD 70.00 1 89300 BA(Hons) ALCM ALCM PTchr 0 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 10.99 BAHons removed. DBS fromFeb 2015
Teresa BELL Teresa BELL teresabell@talktalk.net EPTA Member Yes 15 Winton Road, Bowdon ALTRINCHAM WA14 2PE Cheshire 0161 928 9877 Emeritus 0067E Manchester Cheshire 0 0 2019 Online 20.00 0 BSc LTCL LTCL Retired 0 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 £25 april 2010 bigg £20 Bigg 2013 and changed to Emeritus £25 Bigg 2014. 2015 £25 to Bigg Changed to Affiliate membership