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Jenny Blazey Jenny Blazey Music Jenny Blazey jennyblazey@hotmail.co.uk EPTA Member Yes 7 Larchwood Rise Knossington OAKHAM LE15 8LS Rutland 01664454052 07980868273 07980868273 Full Associate 10583 East Midlands Leics 0 0 2020 BACS 70.00 0 CME Performance Qualifications: Grade 8 ABRSM Teaching Qualifications: Trinity CME PfTchr Brooke Hill Academy, Oakham & PTchr 0 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 I have entered 17 pupils for Trinity exams in the time I have been teaching , some have taken their Initial up to Grade 2 with me so far. All have passed , majority with Merits and Distinctions. My general approach is to teach musicianship and that making music is fun.I do this through different approaches according to the learning style of my pupil. Musical activities can be visual , auditory ,sometimes use an iPad , I break each lesson into fun warm ups , practical content (exams for example) and some theory based game or fun activity if a break is needed from technical work,nice way to finish a lesson on a positive note. CPD: : I am quite new into teaching and have only taught at the above 2 schools as well as teaching a few pupils at home now. I attend the local Music Hub conferences and any CPD courses of interest for curriculum music. Intend to switch my focus to more piano based CPD this next year.
Lyn Blight Lyn Blight lyncawood@hotmail.com EPTA Member Yes 70 Millfield, New Ash Green Longfield Longfield DA3 8HN Kent 07952 701329 Full Professional 10863 Kent Kent 1 0 03/09/2018 2019 Online 70.00 0 CT ABRSM CT ABRSM, Grade 8, Child Psychology Diploma PfTchr Culverstone Primary School and St Joseph's Convent Prep. & PTchr 0 08/2018 Regarding style of teaching, it's probably safest to say that it has to be student-led as in any one day the age range is 5 to 50.. with the little ones I include a lot of aural, music theory using stickers, and games at the piano, whereas for instance a 15 year old would be a lot more encouragement to try pieces on their own, source music on the internet that they like and start to learn it via YouTube (this phenomenon has been very challenging to me as I sightread really well but playing by ear is just awful!!).. Many of my students take ABRSM exams,& several now have shown an interest in RockSchool, so after 20 years of ABRSM solely-again a whole new concept which is exhilarating!!
Caroline BLOUNT Caroline BLOUNT Caroline.Blount@btopenworld.com Customer, EPTA Member Yes 12a Fairlawns, Laustan Close, Merrow, GUILDFORD GU1 2QU Surrey 07990 877 171 Full Professional 8335 Sussex W Surrey 0 0 2020 DD 70.00 1 776671 PGDip(Mtpp) DipABRSM(PfP) BSc PGDip(Mtpp) DipABRSM(PfP) BSc PTchr 0 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 BSc is Management Studies, teaches in adult education centres, on Mtpp course. New member 22.3.18 - bank details changed to match rsm
Georgianna BN spwgeorgianna94906998 candrame4sm9@outlook.com Yes Hoge Wei 77 Hoge Wei 77 Hoge Wei 77 Audregnies 7382
Ruby Ellensen BOA Ruby Ellensen BOA rubyboa@hotmail.com EPTA Member Yes Carradale, High Street Clipston MARKET HARBOROUGH LE16 9RU Leics 01858 525352 Joint 0070J East Midlands Leics 0 0 2020 BACS 90.00 0 LRAM(PfT), PGCE, FISM, LRAM (Pft) LRAM(PfT) PTchr 1 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 16.7.01 N'wide phoned ú40 pd in July. Refund21.6.01 BSO pd again Arrange stop and refund 6.01 BSO pd twice 29.2.00 BSO pd 8.4.99 overpaid ú60 BSO april08 Member rejoined. Previously Ruby ELLENSEN BOA 22.3.18 - DD cancelled to match rsm
Caroline BOA Caroline BOA caroline.boa@hotmail.co.uk EPTA Member Yes Carradale, High Street Clipston MARKET HARBOROUGH LE16 9RU Leics 01858 525352 Joint 0070J2 East Midlands Leics 0 0 2020 BACS 90.00 0 DRSAM(Pft), DipMusTher(Nordoff-Robbins), PGCE, MISM DRSAM(Pf) DipMusTher(Nordoff/Robbins) PfTchr Church Langton School & PTchr 1 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 Joint with ELLENSON
Marion BODEN Marion BODEN marion.boden@ntlworld.com No 7 Elm Avenue, Beeston NOTTINGHAM NG9 1BU Notts 07837 656488 Full Associate 10411A Derby Notts 0 0 2016 Online 65.00 0 0 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 PTC 2015-2016 free membership
Caroline BOLTON Caroline BOLTON carolinejanebolton@tiscali.co.uk EPTA Member Yes Lamorlaye, 6 Donegall Avenue WHITEHEAD BT38 9NB Co Antrim 028 9337 3385 Full Professional 7632 Belfast Northern Ireland 0 0 2019 Chq 70.00 0 BEd BEd PTchr 1 Monday, November 21, 2011 9.02 notified change of address 1.00 Tel:01504 812659 Sent chq ú25 plus stat order and chq ú16.40 (orders file or awaiting certs file) which included ú5 memb. 10.99Wants to join from 1.1.2000 Rejoined January 2012 Re joined
Alan BOND Alan BOND alan.bond@gmail.com EPTA Member Yes Lilac Cottage, Upexe, EXETER EX5 5NE Devon 01392 860059 07989129902 Full Professional 8485 Devon Devon 0 0 2020 DD 70.00 1 070116 CTABRSM DipABRSM CTABRSM DipABRSM PTchr 1 Friday, September 13, 2013 Peripatetic in Wiltshire & Hampshire before moving to Devon, working towards DipABRSM Change of address
Nicola BOND Nicola BOND nicola.v.bond@gmail.com EPTA Member Yes Ebbledown House, Homington Road, Coombe Bissett SALISBURY SP5 4ND Wilts Full Professional 8665 Wessex Wilts 0 0 2020 BACS 70.00 0 BA(Hons) CTABRSM PGCE BA(Hons) CTABRSM PGCE PfTchr Salisbury Cathedral School 0 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 Bristol University for music degree.Grade 8 distinction. Uses improvisation and aural in her teaching. Mostly young children. not on website as she is full june 09 01722 718523 New member
Erica Bond Erica Bond baby_bond@hotmail.co.uk EPTA Member Yes 29 Normandy Row Lillebonne Way WELLINGTON TA21 8FD Somerset 07553614266 Full Professional 10714 Wessex Somerset 0 0 2019 BACS 70.00 0 0
Bond theschoolofdrumming adam@theschoolofdrumming.com Yes 19 Tintagel Way GU22 7DF Surrey
Elizabeth BONNICI Elizabeth BONNICI elizabethbonnici@hotmail.co.uk EPTA Member Yes 2 The Cotes, Soham ELY CB7 5EP Cambridgeshire 07545 175360 Full Professional 10335 Cambridge Cambs 0 0 2020 BACS 35.00 0 DipABRSM (T) DipABRSM (T) PfTchr Waterbeach Community Primary Sch, Swavesey Primary Sch, The Shade Primary Sch, & PTchr 0 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 Has Grade 8 ABRSM + DipABRSM teaching. Has private teaching experience for the last 6 years (ongoing) and works in Primary School settings. Is considering the CTABRSM. Holds annual concerts for her students. 1.5.19 - agreed 6 month membership due to maternity leave
Hazel BOONZAIER Hazel BOONZAIER hazel@time4music.co.uk EPTA Member Yes 14 Tavistock Road RAMSGATE CT11 7AX Kent 01843 597451 Full Professional 8723 Kent Kent 0 0 2020 Chq 70.00 0 BMus ODMS (TD South Afica) BMus ODMS (TD South Afica) PfTchr St Lawrence College, Ramsgate, Wellesley House, Broadstairs & PTchr 0 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 Studied in S.A at Uni of Stellenbosch. Studied Theory, harmony, counterpoint etc and has a Teacher's Diploma. Taught for 30 yrs in SA schools. Now at Wellesley House, Broadstairs New email
Carole Booth Carole Booth carolebooth1@hotmail.co.uk Yes 4 Guildford Road Dukinfield SK16 5HA Cheshire 07977 583481
Carole Booth Carole Booth admin@epta-uk.org administrator, Customer, EPTA Member, Management Yes 4 Guildford Road DUKINFIELD SK16 5HA Cheshire 08456 581054 or 07510 379286 Friends of EPTA 0 0 2020 0.00 0 0
Catherine Borner Catherine Borner catherine_borner@hotmail.com EPTA Member Yes 26 The Mead Beckenham BR3 5PE Kent 0208 650 3368 Full Professional 10813 Kent Isle of Wight 0 0 27/03/2018 2020 BACS 70.00 0 PGDipMus (perf), MMus (perf), BA (hons) PGDipMus (perf), MMus (perf), BA (hons), AmusTCL PfTchr Bromley Yough Music Trust, James Allen Saturday School & PTchr 0 In 2006 I was trainee repetiteur at ENO. Recently performed Nights in the Gardens of Spain with Bromley Symphony Orchestra. Also accompanist to North London Chorus. 2 pupils currently on music scholarships and another became a chorister at St Paul's Cathedral School. Pupils consistently receive good marks in festivals and exams. My own education was so positive and enjoyable that I aim to pass on the enthusiasm I have of the instrument to my own pupils. I am known to be patient and methodical and teach children from Year 1 upwards. I am on the sub-committee of the Beckenham Festival, where I help run the piano section and assist the adjudicators at each session.
Sandie BORNET Sandie BORNET sandiebornet@yahoo.co.uk Yes 11A Cumin Place EDINBURGH EH9 2JX 0131 667 8659 Full Professional 10507 Scotland East Scot EH 0 0 2017 Chq 65.00 0 ARCM piano ARCM piano PTchr 0 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 Private piano teacher - Sandie is joining us after approaching our stand at the ABRSM Conference
Lizl Botha Lizl Botha Lizlbotha@gmail.com Customer Yes 18Trystings close Claygate KT10 0TF Surrey 07545637943
Simon BOTTOMLEY Simon BOTTOMLEY simoncbottomley@gmail.com EPTA Member Yes 1 Windsor Road, Hazel Grove, STOCKPORT SK7 4SW Cheshire 07712 048047 Full Professional 7377 Manchester Cheshire 0 0 2020 DD 70.00 1 401706 GRNCM GRNCM PfTchr Chethams Sch of Mus & PTchr 1 Tuesday, January 1, 1901
Huw Boucher huwboucher huw.boucher@hotmail.com Yes 20 Brockhill Way CF64 5QD CF64 5QD 02920700674 07387198140
Roger BOUGH Roger BOUGH rogerbough@hotmail.com EPTA Member Yes 113 Pentire Avenue, NEWQUAY TR7 1PF Cornwall 01637 872662 Full Associate 8721A Devon Cornwall 0 0 2020 BACS 70.00 0 PTchr 0 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 Has grade 8 and A level music. no teaching qualifications but more than 100 passes in AB exams in last 9 years. £5 bigg 2011 New member
Julia BOUND Julia BOUND juliabound@hotmail.co.uk EPTA Member Yes 10 Bambrook Close, Desford LEICESTER LE9 9FY Leicestershire Full Professional 10000 East Midlands Leics 0 0 2020 Online 70.00 0 ABSM (TD) PGCE ABSM (TD) PGCE PfTchr Leicester High Sch for Girls, Manor High Sch, Beauchamp College, Market Bosworth High Sch & PTchr 1 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 Studied at Birmingham School of music (now conservatoire) and has teaching diplomas in both piano and violin. PGCE is music teaching. Taught for 20 years in schools. 28.3.18 - change to joint member with daughter Jessica Bound
Jessica Bound Jessica Bound jessicabound22@gmail.com EPTA Member Yes 10 Bambrook Close Desford LE9 9 FY Leicestershire Joint 10000J2 East Midlands Leics 0 0 29/03/2018 2019 0 BA BA (hons) Music Tech & Pop Music, G8 piano (also cello & singing) PfTchr Market Bosworth and Croft schools Leics & PTchr 0 Speciality - popular music. Approach - play/sing for enjoyment and beauty of music. Offer examinations to those who could take them but no pressure. Some pupils have achieved an excellent standard of performance. 29.3.18 - joint member with mother Julia Bound
Alex BOWEN Alex BOWEN alex@steppingtones.co.uk Yes . . DE1 1JQ www.steppingtones.co.uk Full Professional 10439 Derby Derbys 0 0 BACS 70.00 0 Dip. ABRSM, ATCL, Cert. Dalcroze DipABRSM PTchr 1 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 Did Grade 8 and her Dip ABRSM (teaching) with Beate. Knows Sally too through the Oxford Piano group. Has certificate in Dalcroze Eurhythmics. Dalcroze Eurhythmics Class teacher – Guildhall College of Music and Drama. Norbury Farm Norbury ASHBOURNE March 2018 resigned
Claire Bowes Claire Bowes claire@omaghmusicacademy.com EPTA Member Yes 4a Ballynahatty Road Omagh Co Tyrone BT78 0AG Northern Ireland Full Professional 10560 Belfast Northern Ireland 0 0 2019 Online 70.00 0 BA, LTCL, Cert PTC BA music (piano), LTCL, ABRSM G8 PTchr 0 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 Claire visited us on the stand at Music Ed Expo during a very busy time. As Claire is blind I filled in the new short form for her. She is the founder of Omagh Music Academy and a very experienced piano teacher, known to John McParland. I have asked Claire for some further details to support her application. PTC 2017-18 - free year 2019
Eileen BOWN Eileen BOWN eileen.bown@btinternet.com EPTA Member Yes 30 Ailesbury Street, Millfield SUNDERLAND SR4 6EW Full Professional 10242 North East Tyne 0 0 2019 Chq 70.00 0 ARCM BA PGCE PfTchr Sage Gateshead Centre, Kings priory Sch, accompanist University of Newcastle upon Tyne & PTchr 0 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 Studied at Durham University and has teaching diploma ARCM. Known to Murray from The Sage
Alison BOWRING Alison BOWRING alison.bowring@rwcmd.ac.uk Customer, EPTA Member Yes 66 Heol Trecastell CAERPHILLY CF83 1AF 07968213126 Full Professional 10202 Cardiff Wales 0 0 2019 Online 70.00 0 BMus MA LRSM Lecturer RWCMD & PTchr 0 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 BMus at Cardiff Uni Masters at RWCMD. Has LRSM performance. Is an academic lecturer at RWCMD since 1999 and also teaches keyboard skills aural harmony etc
Joanne BRACEY Joanne BRACEY jo.bracey2@gmail.com EPTA Member Yes 4 Essex Place, Lambourn HUNGERFORD RG17 8QF Berks 07818 213690 Full Associate 10341A Bucks/Berks Berkshire 0 0 2020 BACS 70.00 0 PfTchr Chilton Foliat primary Sch, St Nicholas primay Sch & PTchr 0 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 Has Grade 8, working towards a teaching diploma
Nicola BRADFORD Nicola BRADFORD kincardineestate@btinternet.com EPTA Member Yes Kincardine House, KINCARDINE O'NEIL AB34 5AE Aberdeenshire 01339 884225 Full Professional 7644 Scotland East Scot AB 0 0 2020 DD 70.00 1 839135 LTCL(MusEd) CertGRMD(Pf) LTCL(MusEd) PTchr 1 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 6.01 sub acutally paid 29.03.01 error in email address 12.99 Suzuki level 3 exam Now mentor
Anne BRADLEY Anne BRADLEY am42bradley@gmail.com Yes 4 Symonds Lane Linton CAMBRIDGE CB21 4HY Cambs 01223 891041 07918122128 Full Professional 7298 Cambridge Cambs 0 0 0 ARCM(PfT) ARCM(PfT) PfTchr St John's Col Sch Cambridge & PTchr 0 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 3.07 rejoined 3.06 not renewing 4.03 BSO ú30 6.02 BSO and Chq4.02 overpaid chq and BSO 2.01 not in reg because no signed declaration. wants refund of membership 4.99 2 CHQS ú22+ú3 Rejoined DBS from Jan 2014 22.10.18 - informed that Anne had died in July, let Ilga know
Melanie BRADLEY Melanie BRADLEY MrsMBradley2012@gmail.com EPTA Member Yes 16 Devon Road, Hersham WALTON-ON-THAMES KT12 5RB Surrey 01932952404 Full Professional 10402A Surrey Surrey 0 0 2020 Online 70.00 0 MSc BA 0 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 Is signed up to attend the PTC course in October 2015. 15.3.16 - free year 16-17 re PTC course
Debra BRADSHAW Debra BRADSHAW debrabradshaw@hotmail.co.uk EPTA Member Yes Greenacres, 7 Ashburn Grove, WETHERBY LS22 6WB W Yorks 01937 520413 Full Professional 8161 Yorks Cen West Yorks 0 0 2020 DD 70.00 1 70116 LTCL LTCL Mus Tchr Crossley St Primary Sch & PTchr 1 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 Lapsed member rejoining Lapsed member rejoining
Ceinwen BRAN Ceinwen BRAN ceinwen@piano4solihull.co.uk EPTA Member Yes 111 Arnold Road SHIRLEY B90 3JT Birmingham 07952 027681 www.piano4solihull.co.uk Full Professional 8848 W Midlands West Mids 0 0 2019 Online 70.00 0 BA DipLCM BA DipLCM PTchr 1 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 Studied a 3 year Music bachelor of Arts at Anglia polytechnic University. This included teaching modules.Has grade 8. Website is quite innovative and seems very motivated.Plans to do a MA in teaching. New member 2.11.18 - request to remove email address via MailChimp
Linda BRANN Private Piano/Music Theory Tuition Linda BRANN lindabrann35@gmail.com EPTA Member Yes 102 Hayes Road, BROMLEY BR2 9AB Kent 0208 466 6054 07742 489013 0207 872 1003 Full Professional 10157 Kent Kent 0 0 2020 DD 70.00 1 404773 B.Mus (Hons) ARCM DipABRSM B.Mus (Hons) ARCM DipABRSM PTchr 1 Saturday, January 4, 2014 Originally from the States - and much performance experience including Grieg and Tschaikovsky concertos as a teenager. Studied at the RCM Lessons continue and teaching ideas discussed with Graeme Humphrey. Gives thoughtful comments on teaching. ISM full member
Nicola Brazier Nicola Brazier nicobraz@hotmail.co.uk EPTA Member Yes Valley Farm Brettenham Road Felsham IP30 0PS Suffolk 01449 737458 Full Professional 10860 Cambridge Suffolk 1 0 22/08/2018 2020 Online 70.00 0 GRSM (hons), LGSM, ARCM GRSM (hons), LGSM, ARCM PfTchr Finborough Prep and Senior School & PTchr 0 08/2018 With more than twenty years experience as a teacher and performer, I have a wealth of experience of teaching individual lessons in Piano and Cello with all ages and abilities from children to adults, beginners through to advanced players. I trained at the Royal College of Music as both a Junior and Senior student, then completing my training with a post graduate year at The Guildhall School of Music and Drama. The essence of my approach is to inspire young, and more mature musicians to learn the necessary skills to master and enjoy their chosen instrument. (Piano or Cello) My approach combines the necessary discipline required to learn a musical instrument with a fun and relaxed manner. I am experienced in steering students through the early years and onto the exam pathway should they wish to follow this route. I believe that students and parents should have the choice of embarking on music exams but not be compelled to do so. In addition to my original training, I have also completed the ABRSM examiner training which has provided an invaluable extra insight in terms of teaching the exam material. Many of my students have gained merits and distinctions in their exams and I have also tutored students to successfully gain places at Junior Music Colleges and for music scholarships within the private school system. Teaching is my vocation. I enjoy sharing my love of music with my students and encouraging and nurturing a passion for music in them. I view each student as an individual and, whilst adopting a consistent approach to matters such as technique and musicality, I like to tailor my approach to enable each student to reach their full potential. In addition to my teaching work, I also have many years experience of working in Musical Theatre as a Musical Director with both Youth and Adult productions. I am a skilled sight reader and experienced accompanist for soloists and choirs as well as playing in orchestras and show bands.
Deborah Brennan deborah_brennan deborah.brennan83@gmail.com Yes 3A Greer Street Hyde Park 5061 +61405637280 +61405637280 +61405637280
Charles BRERETON Charles BRERETON charles_brereton@hotmail.com EPTA Member Yes 166 All Souls Avenue, LONDON NW10 3AB 020 8459 5422 07788 546724 www.compmusic.net Full Professional 4074 London N London NW 0 0 2020 DD 70.00 1 209655 FMusEd(TCL), LTCL(MusEd), BSc, ARCS FMusEd(TCL) LTCL(MusEd) BSc ARCS PTchr 1 Tuesday, October 8, 2013 3.01 email: charles underline brereton not sure if website still valid 7.98BSO marked but not paid. Will take out another. Fax number
Barrie Breton Barrie Breton barrieandjackie@outlook.com EPTA Member Yes 9 Furner Close Crayford Dartford DA14SS Kent 01322 837985 07396 030310 JointA 10786J2 Kent Kent 0 0 01/02/2018 2019 Online 0 G8 piano, all ABRSM jazz grades PTchr 0 I teach all styles of music, classical, theory and jazz. I prepare and enter from the ABRSM syllabus, including jazz. I believe in good rudiments of music, posture, good foundation of basic techniques. I work from a wide range of tutor books depending on the pupils ability. Over thirty years teaching experience in Spain and the UK. Currently studying for DipLCM in Jazz performance. 1.2.18 - joint member with Jackie Heath (associate joint)
Rosalind BRIAN Rosalind BRIAN rosbrian2@gmail.com EPTA Member Yes 15 St James Park, CHELMSFORD CM1 2JG Essex 01245 258581 07904 433104 Emeritus 5004 Essex Essex 0 0 2020 DD 20.00 1 404126 BA(Hons) AGSM(Perf/PfT) LTCL(MusEd) Cert Ed BA(Hons) AGSM(Perf/PfT) PfTchr Chelmsford County High Sch & PTchr 1 Tuesday, January 1, 1901
Gillian BRIGGS Gillian BRIGGS gillbriggs1@gmail.com EPTA Member Yes 27 Rossall Road, Ansdell LYTHAM ST ANNES FY8 4ES Lancs 07851 478203 Full Professional 10435 Manchester Lancs 0 0 2019 Chq 70.00 0 BEd (Hons), DipABRSM PTchr 1 11/2017 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 Has Grade 8 piano ABRSM and theory Grade 6. Previously taught (for 30 years) in secondary and primary schools, and with Rimmers music. Request not to appear on website Oct 2015 DBS from Jun 2013
Bronwen BRINDLEY Bronwen BRINDLEY Bonbrindley@hotmail.co.uk EPTA Member Yes The Steadings, Gatebridge, Galphay, RIPON HG4 3NT N Yorks 01765 658479 07711 616 0 26 Full Professional 1304 Yorks N North Yorks 0 0 2020 DD 70.00 1 543046 ARCM LTCL(Mus Ed) ARCM LTCL(Mus Ed) PTchr 1 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 7.03 BSO came through in July 4.00 JBF ú5 11.99 Had mistakenly given B a fax number. Remove from all literature £50 to Bigg April 2011 £100 2012 Change of email address
Margaret BROAD Margaret BROAD mvbroad@talktalk.net EPTA Member Yes 8 Dalwhinnie Place, Almond Grove, PERTH PH1 3GS 01738 449640 Full Professional 8450 Scotland East Scot PH 0 0 2020 DD 70.00 1 804831 BA MSc (Music Therapy) BA MSc (Music Therapy) PTchr 1 Friday, September 3, 2010 BA was RSAMD piano perf and teaching, also has HNC in Bus IT, teaches people with disabilities, training as music therapist decl;aration in email fol;der New email
Juliet BROMLEY Juliet BROMLEY juliet@e-bromley.co.uk EPTA Member Yes 2 Hedge End Cottages, Winterborne Stickland BLANDFORD FORUM DT11 ODZ Dorset 01258 881271 Full Professional 9084 Wessex Dorset 0 0 2020 BACS 70.00 0 CertPTC CertPTC PTchr 1 Friday, March 30, 2012 Has grade 8 and studeid for ALCM in late 90's but couldn't take it due to illness.Hopes to take the PTC.2013/14 free PTC
Diana BRON Diana BRON dummy@dummy.com EPTA Member Yes 10 Warnborough Road, OXFORD OX2 6HZ 01865 557982 Full Professional 3058 Oxford Oxon 0 0 2020 DD 70.00 1 601607 LRAM(Perf) ARCM(T) LRAM(Perf) ARCM(T) PTchr 1 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 Now signed declaration
Sheena K Brook Sheena K Brook sheena539@live.com EPTA Member Yes Villette 50 Bolehill park Hove Edge Brighouse HD6 2RS West Yorkshire 01484 723094 07866 581908 Full Professional 10857 Yorks Cen West Yorks 1 0 22/08/2018 2020 Online 70.00 0 LTLC LTLC (teaching), PGCE, ALCM (perf) PfTchr Huddersfield Grammar School & PTchr 0 08/2018 My certificates went missing when provided upon my securing a post at HGS. I have been teaching for many years (over20) with 100% pass rate to date & within the last 5 years one of my HGS students applied & was accepted at RNCM junior school. Sheena is a lapsed member.
Elizabeth BROOKER Elizabeth BROOKER elizabeth.brooker@hotmail.co.uk EPTA Member Yes Stone Hall Stratford Road Cranhill BIDFORD-ON-AVON B50 4LN Warks 01789 772669 Full Professional 0430 W Midlands Warks 0 0 2020 DD 70.00 1 090126 PhD MA LGSM ATCL CertGSMD(Pf) CertEd(Mus) PhD MA LGSM ATCL CertGSMD(Pf) CertEd(Mus) PTchr & SingTchr 1 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 RSM cancelled email Jan 14 DBS from Feb 2004
Lauren Brooks Lauren Brooks laurenbell30@hotmail.co.uk Yes 43 Station Road BELFAST BT41RF Antrim 07709110451 Student 10605S Belfast Northern Ireland 0 0 Online 10.00 0 n/a 0 Tuesday, January 1, 1901 Course end date 30.9.16 8.5.18 - resigned
Elizabeth BROOKS Elizabeth BROOKS elizabeth.stanley617@btinternet.com EPTA Member Yes The Granary, Lordington Court Lordington CHICHESTER PO18 9DB 01243 378900 07973 410407 Full Professional 7041 Sussex W West Sussex 0 0 2020 DD 90.00 1 600524 LRAM Suzuki Trained (BSI) LRAM Suzuki Trained (BSI) PTchr Suzuki Trained 1 11/2017 Tuesday, October 4, 2011 NB also Eliz Brooker 4.00 ú9 JBF £20 to each funds April 2011 £15 each fund direct debit april 2012 New email DBS from Oct 2011
Melody BROOKS Melody BROOKS melo.brooks@yahoo.co.uk EPTA Member Yes 5 Alma Street Wivenhoe COLCHESTER CO7 9DL Essex 01206 826217 07743 493636 Full Professional 8661 Essex Essex 0 0 2020 BACS 70.00 0 BAHons (Music) CTABRSM BAHons (Music) CTABRSM PfTchr Oxford House School, Essex Music Services & PTchr 1 Wednesday, March 11, 2009 First class hons music degree - majoring n piano performance. New member 1.4.16 change of address