Teaching Repertoire


compiled by Anne Applin

Beginner Keys For Two (Introduction to duet playing) - Laura Shur, Spartan Press*
Keys For Two (Graded duets, Books 1,2 and 3) - Laura Shur, Spartan Press*
Easy Pianoel (Carols for duet or solo, Grade 1-2) - Laura Shur, Spartan Press*
Pianoel (Carols for duet or solo, Grade 2-3) - Laura Shur, Spartan Press*

*Spartan Press: 01528 544770

Piano Tutors
Alfred series of Basic Piano Library duet books at each level - second format
Chester's Piano Bks 1 & 2 - Carol Barratt

Piano Trios

compiled by Tricia Barnes

First Recital
Hilary Collins - TheThree Students, Paterson (Grades2/3)
Djursaa - Little Pieces for Six Hands Music Sales (Grade 1)
Yvonne Enoch - Six Nonsense Songs, Bosworth (Grade 1)
Montague Ewings - Caprice de Ballet, Elkin (Grade 2/3)
Montague Ewings - Dance of the Flowers, Elkin (Grade 2)
Montague Ewings - Harvest Dance, Elkin (Grade 1/2)
Montague Ewings - March of the Clockwork Soldiers, Elkin (Gd 2/3)
Eleanor Franklyn-Pike - Golden Slumbers, Ashdown (Grade 1/2)

Pedalling Pieces

compiled by Heli Ignatius-Fleet

Beginners love to use the pedal. Here are some easy pieces to try:

Temple Bells           Noona                      The Performer
Evening Bells          John Thompson      1st Grade Book
The Chimes            John Thompson      1st Grade Book
Evening Song         John Thompson      Easiest Piano Course, Bk. 2
Moonlight Pagoda   Denis Agay             More Classics to Moderns
Carousel                 Alfred                       Technical Book, level A

5 Finger Position

pre-grade 1 - grade 5     

compiled by Florence Creighton

PIECES IN 5 FINGER POSITION (for the not so agile)

Pre Grade 1
Sad Story - Fanny Waterman
Swans and Ducks - Fanny Waterman
On the Lake - Scenes at the Farm
The Lost Lamb - Scenes at the Farm
In the Quiet Wood - Scenes at the Farm
Mist - Noona (The Performer)
Wise Old Owl - Noona (The Performer)
Almost any piece in John Thompson's 'First Grade Book'

Grade 1

Chord Pieces

pre-grade 1 - grade 5     

compiled by Florence Creighton

Grade 1
Quadrille Haydn (Classics to Moderns, Book 1)
Jeering Song Bartok (For Children)
Morgenrot Bartok (10 Easy Pieces)

Grade 2
Soldiers' March Schumann (Album for the Young)
Chorale Schumann (Album for the Young)
Ave Maria Bergmuller, op.100
Serious Thoughts Zilcher
Sonatina in G Beethoven (1st Movement)

Grade 3

Descriptive Pieces

pre-grade 1 - grade 5     

compiled by Florence Creighton

Pre Grade 1
Chinese Tag - Noona (The Performer)
Dance of the Persian Princess - Noona(Contemporary Performer)
Chinco Teague Ponies - Noona(Contemporary Performer) 

Grade 1
Echoes - David Farquhar (Piano Time, P/line Hall, Bk.3)
Spring & Winter - Classics to Moderns, Book 1
The Fidget - Kocian
The Cuckoo - Kocian

Grade 2

Sad Pieces

pre-grade 1 - grade 5     

compiled by Florence Creighton

Grade 1
Marche Slav - Tchaikovsky (Bastien Lessons, 2)
Blue Monday - Noona (The Performer, Bk 2)
Quasi Adagio - Bartok (For Children)
A Little Song - Kabalevsky (15 Children's Pieces)
Monday - Richard Rodney Bennett (7 Days a Week)

Grade 2
Minuet in G minor - J S Bach (Anna Magdelena)
Minuet in C minor - J S Bach (Anna Magdelena)
Polonaise in G minor - J S Bach (Anna Magdelena)
La Pernette - Vincent d'Indy

Canadian Pieces

compiled by Douglas Finch

Douglas Finch's programme of Canadian pieces aroused much interest at the 1997 Conference.
Approximate grade equivalence and timing for the longer pieces are shown.

From 'Marching Mice' (pre-grade 1) - Linda Niamath
It's my Birthday (Frederick Harris)
On the Trampoline
Picnic Time
Marching Mice

From 'A  Zoo for You'  (grade 1) - Linda Niamath
Tiger (Frederick Harris)

From 'Just a Second' (grade 2) - Lorna Paterson