Daniel LLOYD - Teacher Profile

About Me

I visit students at their home teaching notated and improvising piano to all ages, beginner to diploma.

I enjoy helping piano novices make a good start and to this end have authored and published No Notes piano music (www.NoNotes.co.uk).  No Notes piano music uses an original, intuitive piano tablature notation which enables even young children to have fun learning essential foundation keyboard skills. No Notes beginners play only familiar songs and tunes as they: 

  • develop a practical familiarity with the layout of a keyboard;
  • learn to play using all fingers and thumbs;
  • learn how to play music from notation on a page;
  • learn how to play with a beat.

Most students do not have huge amounts of spare time and are pleased to learn how to practise more effectively and efficiently. More experienced piano students especially often benefit from a careful review of their practising technique.  Experienced players can also be stimulated by the music of composers they have not encountered before - including themselves!


Licentiate of the Royal Schools of Music (LRSM), Performance (piano)

Master of Arts (Bournemouth Media School), "Music Design for Film and TV"

Pianist in Goya Piano Trio