Valerie LANGFIELD - Teacher Profile

About Me

I teach privately and at the University of Manchester.
I have a particular interest in performance health issues - playing without pain - and sorting out related difficulties.
I'm also very interested in technique and teaching you to play with an understanding of it, so that you can continue to enjoy your playing.
I prefer to work with students from grade 4 or 5 and above.
I also coach, accompany for exams at all levels, and teach theory grade 5 and upwards.
When not teaching, I am actively involved in research, chiefly into the life and music of the English song composer Roger Quilter - see - and also into aspects of British opera of the 19th and early 20th centuries - see So I encourage students to play British piano music - there's an enormous repertoire.

I'm also active as an orchestral pianist.
Do please contact me for further information.