Susan BAILEY - Teacher Profile

About Me
I was attracted to piano at ten years old when we had an old piano in the house for a few months.  As it seemed unlikely I'd get the chance to learn, I took up the offer to learn clarinet when I started secondary school. I played clarinet for three years before switching to cornet as it was a 'brass band' school. I played in the school and music centre bands until leaving school at 18. I was lucky enough to be able to begin piano lessons with the then new church organist when I was 14 and was able to practise in church until an aunt provided me with a piano. My varied experience as a youngster also included a spell in charge of the junior choir at church where I introduced the Royal Schools of Church Music training scheme. After a gap I restarted piano lessons as an adult and was pressed into service as a church pianist, firstly on an occasional basis then more regularly on a rota and finally playing for weekly services for over 20 years. I still play on an occasional basis. I studied music theory beyond grade five and achieved a distinction mark for each of grades six to eight. I was offered the loan of a clarinet and joined Abney Orchestra almost immediately. After two years having an occasional lesson I decided to take the instrument more seriously and began regular lessons while progressing from third to first clarinet in the orchestra. My range of musical experiences enable me to meet the needs of a wide variety of learners. Being committed to professional development I continue to study both piano and clarinet in addition to orchestral playing and taking up performance opportunities.