Celine GAURIER-JOUBERT - Teacher Profile

About Me

I studied for more than a decade in Paris at the feet of two of the world’s most demanding concert masters namely Edson Elias (who won 13 international competitions) and Pascal Devoyon. Edson Elias was my piano coach, mentor and guide. He taught me the most confidential knowledge and secrets of the piano.

I currently run a highly successful piano teaching studio in Central London specifically designed for adults want to play for their own pleasure.

My primary goal is to help adults achieve their piano dreams and become the pianists that have always wanted to become.

That is exactly why I have dedicated my time to helping adults learn how to play the piano.

In my teaching studio, lessons take place weekly at a set time. In addition to weekly lessons, I also arrange student concert and events.

I am very pleased with all my students progress to date and I look forward to helping all my students reach new heights on a quarterly basis.

It gives me the greatest joy to see my students succeed in their piano playing!



I currently have limited availability for new students. I work with highly motivated adults who are passionate about improving their piano playing.

Contact me to for more information regarding timing, lesson fees and an evaluation of your eligibility.



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