Kirsten Sondergaard-Watson - Teacher Profile

About Me
I gained first class professional training at The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama under the tutelage of Ms Mary Rees and Mr Jeff Buckley. I have maintained a steady piano teaching practice since graduating ,top of my year , with a B.Ed (hons).MusicSpecialism.LTCL and recently a Dip.Lcm(recital). I have taught every age group  and ability of pupil during my career.I plan every lesson in advance so that my pupil progresses through grade,many genres of music and become good performers and masters of the pianoforte.I am patient, kind and conscientious in my teaching methods and adhere to safeguarding policies at all times . I am tha honorary local representative for the ABRSM in Newport, Wales and believe that the ABRSM are the leading music educational organisation to provide opportunity for developing musicians to realise their musical potential. My pupils study for grades,music medals and follow their guided repertoire of music publications and are proud of their achievements through doing so. I have training in inspiring musical confidence for pupils with special physical and emotional needs and gain much personal satisfaction in mentoring such students . I have a purpose built music studio with a baby grand, an upright and a digital piano plus logic pro recording equipment .I look forward to welcoming prospective new pupils and offer a complimentary induction lesson prior to making long term lesson plans. My website is