EPTA UK 27th Piano Competition (2023) Results

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We are delighted to announced the winners of the EPTA UK 27th Piano Competition 2023/23.

Names of prize-winners are followed by the EPTA UK region where they gained first place in Round 1 and the name of their piano teacher if known.

London Final Round on 5 March 2023


First Place Jay Ding (Essex, Jena Pang)
Second Place Jennifer Lau (North-East, Fiona Gould)
Third Place Izabela Baranauskaite (Cambridge, Jenny Macmillan), Elsa Anne Thomas (Surrey), Anne-Marie Bogdanovic (London)


First Place Julian Zhu (Cambridge, Ilga Pitkevica)
Second Place Olivia Lily lo Nam (Essex, Jena Pang)
Third Place Saarav Shah (London, Aisling Greally)

Intermediate I

First Place Lydia Mi (Kent, Graeme Humphrey)
Second Place Fedov Ustinov (Cambridge, Jenny Macmillan)
Third Place Shota Ajisawa (London, Eri Yamamoto), Yueci Li (Kent, Linda Brann), Ruohan Zhu (Cambridge)

Intermediate II

First Place Junqing Lu (Cambridge)
Second Place Max Yi Lyne (London, Aisling Greally), Queenie Ziyi Yang (Kent, Linda Brann)
Third Place Kai Wade (London, Eri Yamamoto), Shirley Wu (London, Jena Pang)

Advanced I
First Place Oscar Mi (Kent, Graeme Humphrey)
Second Place Rose Taylor (Norfolk)
Third Place Daniel Yu (Lancaster), Ellie Zhu (Cambridge, Ilga Pitkevica)

Advanced II
First Place Viola Farbach (Kent, Graeme Humphrey)
Second Place Ameli Sakai-Ivanova (Kent)
Third Place Laurie Chang (Lancaster), Matthew Hawkes (Nofolk), Bozhen Tsarytsyn (Lancaster)

Advanced III
First Place and overall winner of the London Final Round Eliza Ruffle (Kent)
Second Place Ethan Ng (Essex, Jena Pang), Ashley Solano Hernandez (Kent)

Advanced IV
Winner Yuxin Pu (Lancaster)

Solihull Final Round on 19 March 2023

Winner Ella Whittle (North East, Fiona Gould)

Winner Matthew Stringer (North East, Fiona Gould)

Intermediate I
Winner Sohrab Rustom Destacamento (Swansea, Patricia Gatesman)

Intermediate II
Winner Alize Koto Gutrai (Swansea)

Advanced II
Winner Misha Norman (Cambridge)

Advanced III
Winner Zosia Dzimitrowicz (Swansea, Richard Martins)