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Date(s) - January 1, 2023 - January 1, 2038
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CPD webinars are available exclusively to EPTA UK members. Members are invited to attend live events, or to watch recordings of past events in the Member’s Area of our website. Join EPTA UK today to take advantage of this, plus a number of other generous benefits.

Past webinars include:

Gillian Perrin: Past Sounds / An Introduction to the Sonata Idea in the Piano Trio, 2024

Jenny Macmillan: What Distinguishes Suzuki Teaching, 2024

Lewis Kesterton: Teaching Adults / Tips and Tricks, 2024

Rebeca Omordia: Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Classical Music, 2024

Penelope Roskell: EPTA And The Future, 2024

Catherine McMillan: Piano Scale Mnemonics, 2023

Sharon Goodey: “Playing with Colour” Tutor Books, 2023

Paul Harris: How To Sight-read, 2023

Mark & David Kesel: Introducing MTB Interactive Theory, 2023

Introducing Trinity College London’s Piano Syllabus, 2023

Dr. Sally Cathcart: How To Choose The Right Tutor Book For The 21st Century Piano Student, 2023

Introducing the MTB Exam Board, 2023

Yulia Chaplina: Artistic Images in Music, 2023

Michael Griffin: Metacognition in Music Teaching, 2023

Dr. Xenia Pestova Bennett: Doubts, Fears and Creative Blocks: “Parts Work” for Pianists, 2023

Dr. Robin Harrison (The Maestro Online): The Piano and Finding You, 2023

Pamela Wedgwood (Faber): The Rusty Pianist, 2022

Nancy Litten: Teaching Musicianship, 2022

Chris Stanbury: Technology in the Teaching Studio, 2022

Melanie Spanswick: The Flexible Piano Technique, 2022

Talia Korol: Piano Teachers As Business Owners, 2022

Christopher Norton: The writer of the Microjazz series – 40 years on, 2022

Michael Stembridge Montavont and Frédéric Aguessy: The Pianistic Ideas & Ideals of Alfred Cortot, 2022

Jan Loeffler: Just Who Plays In Time Anyway? 2022

Jacqueline Vann: Dance to the Music of Time, 2022

Chris and Elza Lusher: The Dogs and Birds Piano Method Teaching Children from 3 Years Onwards, 2022

Kat Perdikomati: Understanding ADHD, 2022

Richard Crozier and Emyr Roberts: ESTA Post Graduate Certificate in Piano Teaching, 2022

Colin Hazel: New Horizons for Piano, 2022